Season Season 4
Episode no. 4
Air date 7/2/2010
Network IFC


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Old Man Winters
Two pranksters tamper with an old man's will, and snicker during his funeral.
  • Teens: Trevor, Darren
  • Old Man Winters: unknown
  • Priest: Zach
  • Funeral guests: Timmy, extras
Chicken Not Kitten
A health and safety inspector tries to get into a suspicious restaurant's kitchen.
  • Doorman: Trevor
  • FDA inspector: Darren
  • Chef: Timmy
  • Highway inspector: Sam
Computer Jerk Off Dad
A dad's secret activity is not so secret anymore, thanks to a few accidental keystrokes.
  • Dad: Zach
  • Tom (voice): Trevor
  • Talking dog (voice): Sam

Kid Beer
The radical idea of marketing of beer to children (and later, babies) has immoral results.
  • Bill: Trevor
  • Executives: Zach, Sam, Darren, Timmy
  • Kids in commercial: Extras
  • Wanda Poundstone: Darren
  • Kid alcoholics: Ella Petreski, Charlton Alonso, Severyn Brodziak
  • Breastfeeding mom: Monica DiNatale (uncredited)
  • Breastfeeding MILF: Bobbi Bentzel
Booger Blasters
A commercial for a new kids' toy that defies levels of grossness.
  • Kids: Trevor, Sam, Zach, Timmy
  • Mom: Darren
  • From Johnson & Hedges, the makers of Fizzy-Pops Grape Blasts™.
  • The fine print reads: *Availability conditional on applicable state laws. For amusement only. Warning: mucus, semen, blood, bile, and/or spinal fluids may carry diseases. Consult your doctor before play. Johnson and Hedges is not liable for misuse of this product.
Walt Whitman
The famous author's 7th-grade diary entries are read and analyzed on a PBS literary discussion program.
  • Moderator: Zach
  • Dr. Henry Jones: Timmy
  • Dr. Dick Kimball: Trevor
  • Dr. Jackie Ryan: Darren
PDVD 177
Insult Restaurant
Timmy's first day as a waiter doesn't go so well.
  • Waiter: Trevor
  • New waiter: Timmy
  • Customers: Sam, Zach, Darren
Moon Landing
Timmy's question about the moon landing stumps his teacher, the principal, the mayor, and an army general.
  • Teacher: Trevor
  • Timmy: Timmy
  • Students: Extras
  • Principal: Zach
  • Mayor: Sam
  • General: Darren
  • Obama: unknown
  • Obama's assistant: unknown
  • The punchline is a real eye-roller.
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