Season Season 1
Episode no. 7
Air date 5/1/2007
Network fuse


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Dear Black People
Letters of correspondence between 6-year-old Danny Matheson and black people.
  • Danny Matheson: Timmy
  • Black spokesperson: Zach (voice)
Hot Air Balloon Poop Rope
An American exchange student takes a hot air balloon ride with a British family, and suddenly needs to use the water closet.
  • Pop: Trevor
  • Mum: Zach
  • Son: Darren
  • American student: Sam
Firing Squad
The firing squad only has one bullet amongst them to kill Frank.
  • Frank Rosenthorp: Timmy
  • Firing squad leader: Trevor
  • Robertson: Sam
  • Darren: Darren
  • Zach: Zach
Accidental Puke
William throws up at the dinner table.
  • William: Trevor
  • Girlfriend, girlfriend's parents: extras
Gallon of PCP
High school buddies Zach and Trevor run into each other in the park; Zach has a liquid gallon of PCP.
  • Themselves: Zach, Trevor
Kool Aid
A trailer for an epic movie in which a miscreant turns the ocean orange.
  • Miscreant: Trevor
Gross Out
Trevor grosses out an audience by drinking out of buckets labeled "boogers", "peepee", "boners" and "uh-oh".
  • Himself: Trevor
  • Announcer: Sam
  • Audience member: Zach (voice)
PDVD 343
Gun enthusiast Jerry talks about gun control on a debate show, and nearly rescues the host from an assassin.
  • Barney Ballsack: Darren
  • Jerry Bronham: Trevor
  • Assassin: Sam
  • The outdoor shots at the end of the sketch were filmed right outside of the Fuse network building in New York City.
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