Season Season 2
Episode no. 1
Air date 2/10/2008
Network IFC


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Sam's Nut I01:28

Sam's Nut I

Sam's Nut I
Trevor points out to Sam that one of Sam's testes keeps popping out.
  • Themselves: Trevor, Sam
  • The nut seen in this sketch was actually Sam's own. In Sam's Nut II and III, a mold of his genitalia was used. This is explained in an iTunes exclusive extra that plays before and after each episode.
Dino Rap02:57

Dino Rap

The Dinosaur Rap
A rap video about getting high with dinosaurs.
  • Rapper: Trevor
  • Dinos: extras
  • Cops: Sam, Darren
  • You're welcome, Internet.
Neil & Buzz02:15

Neil & Buzz

Neil & Buzz
Two ghetto-astronauts (Trevor, Timmy) are about to land on the moon.
  • Mission control member 1: Zach
  • Mission control member 2: Darren
  • Neil: Trevor
  • Buzz: Timmy
Sam's Nut II00:41

Sam's Nut II

Sam's Nut II
At the movies, Trevor notices Sam's testicle hanging from his collar.
  • Themselves: Trevor, Sam
  • Audience members: extras
Black Doctor
It takes a racist-sounding "fish out of water" story for a television pitch to go well -- or so thinks a writer.
  • TV writer: Zach
  • Network head: Trevor
  • Asian shopkeeper: Yim Gi
  • Yuppie indentured servant: Darren
  • Black doctor: Leon Harper
Air Dry01:07

Air Dry

Air Dry
A man learns something unusual about his date.
Sam's Nut III00:51

Sam's Nut III

Sam's Nut III
Sam experiences embarrassment on the show Double Date.
  • Himself: Sam
  • Brittany: Amanda Romeo
Happier With Your Mouth Open04:31

Happier With Your Mouth Open

Happier with your Mouth Open
A director gives odd direction to actors on a dramatic cop show.
  • Director: Zach
  • Actor/Detective Murphy: Trevor
  • Actor/Cop: Darren
Fart Dinner03:44

Fart Dinner

Fart Dinner
At a restaurant, Darnell pretends to have gas.
  • Darnell: Trevor
  • Cindy: Darren
  • Cindy's dad: Zach
  • Cindy's mom: Sam
  • Waiter: Timmy
Blind Not Blind
The doctor gives a pair of glasses, which makes him see how ugly his wife is.
  • Doctor: Zach
  • Patient: Sam
  • Patient's wife: Timmy
  • The eye testing chart apparently reads D A R R E N I S A P O O F (Darren is a poof) which has become a kind of inside joke in fan circles.
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