Season Season 2
Episode no. 7
Air date 3/23/2008
Network IFC


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Falling Ladies
Falling ladies!
  • Themselves: Zach, Sam, Trevor
  • The ladies: extras

Tar Toast #1
A Hollywood screenwriter tries an unusual hors d'ouerve at a party.
  • Screenwriter: Darren
  • Colleague: Zach
  • "Waiter": Trevor
  • Not a jackass: Sam

Successful Relationship
Harold's volatile relationship with his wife is the basis for the how-to book he's writing.
  • Harold: Trevor
  • Harold's wife: Sam
  • Son: Timmy
  • Daughter: Darren

Tar Toast #2
The screenwriter has to pitch his new idea to the very same person who tricked him into eating street tar.
  • Screenwriter: Darren
  • Colleague: Zach
  • "Waiter"/New VP: Trevor

Daddy's little girl introduces her new beau to the parents.
  • Mr. G: Trevor
  • Mrs. G: Timmy
  • Daughter: Zach
  • D'Artagnan: Sam

Shark Man
Annoying superhero Shark Man has to manually re-fill his lungs with air.
  • Announcer: Trevor
  • Shark Man: Trevor
  • Crime Man: Timmy
  • Burglars: Darren, Sam, Zach

Drunk Dad
Susie's dad comes home hammered during her birthday party.
  • Susie's dad: Trevor

PDVD 532
Time Travel Friends
Trevor and Sam decide to go back in time to stop 9/11.
  • Themselves: Trevor, Sam
  • Terrorist: Zach

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