Season Season 3
Episode no. 11
Air date 4/7/2009
Network IFC


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
PDVD 001
Shit-chest Boner Neck
Three ambassadors have trouble negotiating with two very peculiar (and gross) aliens.
  • Ambassador Richards: Trevor
  • Ambassador Carlisle: Sam
  • Ambassador Thompson: Timmy
  • Alien 1: Zach
  • Alien 2: Darren
In 1984, two hip-hop posers turn a black man into a crack dealer.
  • Poser 1: Trevor
  • Poser 2: Sam
  • Black man: Anthony Morgan
What is it Baby
Two sarcastic parents chide their crying infant child for waking them up at night.
  • Father: Trevor
  • Mother: Zach
Last Action Hero
A realistic twist on a scene from the movie.
  • Tank: Sam
  • Heroine: Darren
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