Season Season 3
Episode no. 17
Air date 5/19/2009
Network IFC


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
PDVD 1735
Wheel of Money
Copyright issues, decapitations and switching problems mar an obvious ripoff of that game show.
  • Host: Trevor
  • Sam: Sam
  • Lydia: Darren
  • Aubrey: Zach
  • Switcher: Timmy
  • Assistant: unknown
  • Executives: Trevor, Zach
Butler Sketch
Five seconds with a butler upon his first arrival in Haiti.
  • Butler: Trevor
  • Voice: Trevor
  • The butler is possibly reacting to the state of Haiti following the multiple natural disasters that occurred there in August and September 2008.
Hiking Documentary
A hiker is left to die while a documentary is being filmed.
  • Narrator: Zach
  • Tom Fricklebottom: Sam
  • Boom operator: Trevor
  • Caleb: Darren
  • The narrator's voice is modeled after documentary filmmaker Werner Herzog.
Back Seat
The back seat of the bus is the best spot for two Socialist hoodlums to look out the window and see boobs.
  • Hoodlum 1: Trevor
  • Hoodlum 2: Sam
  • Bus driver: Timmy
  • Topless chick: Amber Cliett
  • Other lady in car: unknown
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