Season Season 3
Episode no. 7
Air date 3/10/2009
Network IFC


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Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Asian Hooker Business
The CEO of a company brings an unexpected distraction into the meeting room.
  • CEO: Trevor
  • Johnson: Zach
  • Jerry: Darren
  • Williams: Timmy
  • Mr. Brown: Sam
  • Asian hooker: Ann Vo
  • Asian pimp: Daniel Trinh
  • The actor and actress playing the pimp and hooker, respectively, are actually Vietnamese. A casting call was put out online for Vietnamese people who speak the language. The hooker is yelling in Vietnamese the entire time. At this time there has been no official translation.
Mr. McGillicuddy gets fed up with skateboarding.
  • Mr. McGillicuddy: Sam
  • Skater boys: Jeremy DiLuzio, Jamie DiLuzio
During an earthquake, a news anchor accidentally swears on the air. During the anchor's trial, the earthquake stops, and everyone gets sodas that spray in their face.
  • Trevor: Trevor
  • Trevor's roommate: Sam
  • Anchor: Timmy
  • Stacy Ladynews: Darren
  • 1920s newsboy: Zach
  • Lawyer: Trevor
  • Judge: Zach
  • References to the Huggins family from Car Dealership and Super Dog are made. In this sketch they own an electrical good store.
Boner Song
It's hard to do certain things with a boner.
  • Themselves, poodle skirt girls: WKUK
  • This song sounds similar to the children's classic, "Dem Bones".
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