Season Season 4
Episode no. 10
Air date 8/13/2010
Network IFC


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
A high school teacher has problems controlling her unruly students on Halloween.
  • Teacher: Timmy
  • Jacob: Darren
  • Brian: Sam
  • Taylor: Trevor
  • Kid voice at beginning: unknown
Landmine Factory
A guy works his first day at a landmine factory under a sensitive armless supervisor.
  • Supervisor: Zach
  • New guy: Trevor
  • The prop landmines were made by Will Krause . 6 mines were made for the sketch.
The Pope
The new Pope watches a video message from the old Pope.
  • Chaplain: Darren
  • New Pope: Trevor
  • Old Pope: Timmy
  • The root beer cans read "SASSPA", which is short for "sarsaparilla" (another word for root beer).
  • Trevor's Pope would later be seen in the video for The Pope Rap.
Animals Anonymous
A 12-step program for zoophiles isn't helping everyone.
  • Brian: Darren
  • Derek: Zach
  • Group members: Sam, extras
  • The blog's address is Before you get any ideas, there's nothing on it.
Job Interview Mess Up
Mr. Morris' job interview doesn't go too smoothly.
  • Mr. Morris: Trevor
  • Interviewer: Darren
  • Man inside Trevor's head: Zach
  • Receptionist (voice): Zach
  • Jeff Chrysler: Sam
  • BCISBC's full company name is Bank Company International Store Business Corporation, which is similar to Whitest Kids Business Company International Conglomerate LLC (which happens to be a real company), the text shown at the bottom of the Whitest Kids graphic following the credits in every episode.
First Person Shooter
A gamer struggles to load his rocket launcher.
  • First victim in game: unknown
  • Gamers (voices): Sam, Timmy, Zach
  • Hot chick in game: unknown
PDVD 170
Things We Need
The Whitest Kids list what they need to make their dream sketches a reality.
  • Themselves: WKUK
  • References Cat Congress, which, despite being mentioned in the Season 1 commentary, never got made for obvious reasons.
  • Music: Vivaldi's The Four Seasons
  • As any sketch comedy writer will tell you, coming up with an ending is very difficult. This sketch is no exception.

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