Season Season 4
Episode no. 7
Air date 7/23/2010
Network IFC


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Silver Street Performer
A boy loses his heart to a silver street performer.
  • Silver street performer: Darren
  • Boy: Timmy
PDVD 016
Cash Quiz
Osama bin Laden hosts a game show in an attempt to make up for all the bad things he's done.
  • Osama bin Laden: Trevor
  • Richard Johnson: Sam
  • Announcer: Zach
  • Corncob Jenkins: Darren
  • Enlisted man: Timmy
  • Richard Johnson is a name also used in the Season 3 sketch Bible Stories.
  • bin Laden has never been to New York City, and he was definitely in the Middle East during 1979. However, in 2005, Khaled Batarfi claimed in an interview that bin Laden had visited Indiana and Los Angeles seeking medical treatment for his newborn son in 1978. You can read more here.
Great Grandmas
A video store customer has a specific porn fetish.
  • Video store clerk: Timmy
  • Customer 1: Trevor
  • Customer 2: Darren
  • Cops: Sam, Zach
Kenny questions the appeal of the franchise he works at.
History Reset
A man resets the history of not only his computer, but the world.
  • Man: Sam
  • George Washington: Trevor
Corporal Punishment
A slew of army classification puns.
  • General: Trevor
  • Promotees and demotees: Sam, Zach, Darren, Timmy

Secrets of the Pyramids
A bizarre, multi-layered sketch with puppets and Monty Python-like animation is watched and critiqued by two sophisticated TV viewers.
  • Pyramid 1: Zach
  • Pyramid 2: Timmy
  • Sphinx: Darren
  • Eiffel Tower: Trevor
  • Mount Rushmore: Trevor, Timmy, Sam, Zach
  • The moon: Sam
  • Great Wall of China: Zach
  • Police: WKUK
  • Upper-class couple: Darren, Timmy
Video That Makes You Gay
Sam found a video that, according to him, will make anyone gay.
  • Themselves: Sam, Trevor
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