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[11:59] guest-8011 entered the room
[12:00] guest-8010 changed nickname to furganflop
[12:00] guest-8011 changed nickname to tood
[12:00] guest-8024 entered the room
[12:00] guest-8024 changed nickname to fullmoonhowl
[12:00] stephocalypse: furgie furg!
[12:00] germanguy: what the hell there is a wiki page with chatlogs 
[12:01] furganflop: :D
[12:01] furganflop: good evening to you!
[12:01] stephocalypse: how you doin girl
[12:01] furganflop: i woke up half an hour ago >.>
[12:02] germanguy: sooo how long till airtime?
[12:02] poisonbanjo: Steph, which page is sex robot on?
[12:02] germanguy: ic
[12:02] stephocalypse: um lemme check
[12:02] poisonbanjo: okay!
[12:02] furganflop: think i gotta make a new page for Sasha the Fabulous
[12:03] stephocalypse: page 6, mission 3
[12:03] germanguy: someone really needs to stream this
[12:03] stephocalypse: panel 3
[12:03] poisonbanjo: I'm thinking about buying one of your comics. COME TO ANIME BOSTON NEXT YEAR!!!
[12:03] germanguy: :/
[12:03] stephocalypse: i wish i could if i had the ability to teleport
[12:03] stephocalypse: thank you.
[12:03] stephocalypse: dont worry mein herr, links will prob be up in the next hour
[12:04] stephocalypse: mukki dot org ;)
[12:04] germanguy: lol
[12:04] furganflop: it airs in 30 mins right?
[12:04] stephocalypse: yep
[12:05] germanguy: I love how we are the least funny people in the whole world
[12:05] furganflop: cool beans
[12:05] stephocalypse: the john williams skit gets funnier each time i see it
[12:05] furganflop: should show it to the real John Williams
[12:05] germanguy: it is only funny because of the awesome pretend conducting
[12:05] germanguy: the sketch itself is at least 2 minutes too long
[12:05] germanguy: xD
[12:05] guest-8161 entered the room
[12:05] guest-8161 changed nickname to edwardcullen33
[12:05] furganflop: no shit, it's 7 minutes long XD
[12:05] guest-8166 entered the room
[12:06] stephocalypse: epic
[12:06] guest-8166 changed nickname to metalchristine
[12:06] poisonbanjo: YOU ARE MY CHILD BRIDE>
[12:06] germanguy: lol
[12:06] poisonbanjo: *caps
[12:06] nikilove: I love this sketch so much
[12:06] metalchristine: is trevor getting on tonight
[12:06] edwardcullen33: when are they comming on??
[12:06] guest-8175 entered the room
[12:06] nikilove: Especially when he pulls up to get food, haha
[12:06] stephocalypse: dunno
[12:06] poisonbanjo: ill be in the closet.
[12:06] germanguy: doesnt he post on twitter shortly before?
[12:07] germanguy: be nerdy around the closet!
[12:07] stephocalypse: yeah usually
[12:07] stephocalypse: sherwin
[12:07] nikilove: You guys, I bought a Furby today. I thought they were extinct
[12:07] poisonbanjo: jizzel
[12:07] stephocalypse: does it have a name
[12:07] furganflop: what color is it?
[12:07] poisonbanjo: * I  bought that ferby
[12:08] germanguy: 4 am is the worst time for this really... too early to sleep before
[12:08] nikilove: I checked the manual and someone wrote "Toe Dye" on it
[12:08] nikilove: I don't know what to name it, though, haha. It's dark gray, though
[12:08] stephocalypse: weeeeird
[12:08] nikilove: I'll bust it out soon
[12:08] stephocalypse: name it toe dye
[12:08] nikilove: when I get this webcam goin'
[12:08] nikilove: Hahaha, Toe Dye is appropriate
[12:08] furganflop: lol toe dye
[12:09] nikilove: It shall stay!
[12:09] poisonbanjo: name it merylin
[12:09] nikilove: Marjorie Kleek
[12:09] furganflop: 'aw shiet i lost toe dye!'
[12:09] poisonbanjo: poop balls
[12:09] germanguy: this clearly anti-european timeslot is an outrage! >:O
[12:09] nikilove: Yo, check out dis Toe Dye
[12:09] guest-8222 entered the room
[12:09] nikilove: ""
[12:09] nikilove: oops
[12:09] guest-8222 changed nickname to kinseyefink
[12:09] nikilove: What time is it over there?
[12:10] nikilove: I can never remember the time difference
[12:10] germanguy: it will be 4:30 am when the ep airs
[12:10] nikilove: Oof
[12:10] nikilove: How's the future?  ;)
[12:10] nikilove: haha
[12:10] stephocalypse: is it cool
[12:10] germanguy: pretty cold actually
[12:10] stephocalypse: are there flying cars
[12:10] germanguy: i'm freezing
[12:10] nikilove: JEALOUS
[12:10] germanguy: not yet
[12:10] poisonbanjo changed nickname to saxon
[12:10] nikilove: It's chilly here as well
[12:11] germanguy: flying cats is a maybe
[12:11] saxon: Meowzas
[12:11] germanguy: something along those lines
[12:11] nikilove: I want a flying cat
[12:11] stephocalypse: it is a bit chilly
[12:11] nikilove: Mine just chews on stuff and acts cute a lot
[12:12] saxon: im in the mood for bats blood.
[12:12] saxon: Ants!
[12:12] stephocalypse: cinnabagel
[12:12] germanguy: well a flying cat, much like a terrestrial cat, would probably don't give a flyin' f
[12:14] saxon: Want an interesting fact. All Birds are Dinosaurs.
[12:14] germanguy: *not
[12:14] nikilove: Fun fact: pirates wore eyepatches so their covered eye would adjust to the dark under the
[12:14] guest-8295 entered the room
[12:14] nikilove: deck when they switched sides
[12:15] guest-8295 changed nickname to vanelle3452
[12:15] germanguy: under the seeeeeaaaa
[12:15] furganflop: *spongebob squarepants*
[12:15] vanelle3452: hello!
[12:15] germanguy: hi
[12:15] nikilove: Hello!
[12:15] germanguy: Schönen guten Abend!
[12:15] stephocalypse: i just thought it was to be cool
[12:15] saxon: Fun fact: I have genetal herpies. He dosent know.
[12:16] germanguy: ^^
[12:16] vanelle3452: Schönen guten Abend to you too!
[12:16] germanguy: aww thanks 
[12:16] nikilove: That's why I used to wear them
[12:16] vanelle3452: I have no idea what I just typed!
[12:16] nikilove: P)
[12:16] vanelle3452: hahah
[12:16] guest-8327 entered the room
[12:16] germanguy: Nice evening to you
[12:16] germanguy: pretty much
[12:16] guest-8327 changed nickname to wendyportledge
[12:16] vanelle3452: Oh! cool! :)
[12:16] saxon: OF CORSE WERE GOING!
[12:17] vanelle3452: Well, you're welcome!
[12:17] germanguy: have some German to-go
[12:17] vanelle3452: So, are any of the WKUK chatting tonight?
[12:17] furganflop: not yet :\
[12:17] germanguy: i certainly hope so
[12:17] germanguy: sleep deprivation is seriez bizness
[12:18] vanelle3452: that suckss
[12:18] guest-8355 entered the room
[12:18] guest-8355 changed nickname to heatherhall
[12:18] wendyportledge: Hello? Testing... hope I don't lag tonight..
[12:19] germanguy: testing what exactly?
[12:19] stephocalypse: just have some more soda and youll be good dude
[12:19] wendyportledge: lol, unsure really... the quickness of a reply, or a reply at all... That's a first
[12:19] nikilove: You're good, Wendy
[12:20] nikilove: it got here
[12:20] nikilove: haha
[12:20] germanguy: seems to be working just fine
[12:20] nikilove: Just eat some adderall, bro
[12:20] nikilove: you'll be good for a little bit
[12:20] germanguy: somehow Americans pop that stuff like candy
[12:20] germanguy: you craaaazaaaaay
[12:21] nikilove: I was just joking, pokey, haha
[12:21] stephocalypse: yeah im off soda since jan
[12:21] saxon: Balls said the queen, if i had two id be king.
[12:22] nikilove: Nice! I always slip up and drink some once a week at least
[12:22] nikilove: I have no self control, haha
[12:22] germanguy: the only soda that humankind needs is indian tonic water
[12:22] furganflop: just so u' know
[12:23] germanguy: yeah already bookmarked that
[12:23] germanguy: first result if you google your nick
[12:23] germanguy: or at least it was for me
[12:23] germanguy: :P
[12:23] stephocalypse: i had to in order to curb my insomnia
[12:23] furganflop: oh cool, i never realised :O
[12:24] germanguy: i suggest running around a couple of hours
[12:24] germanguy: always makes me sleepy
[12:24] wendyportledge: humm
[12:24] germanguy: why aren't they showing up? :(
[12:24] nikilove: They'll probably show up during the new ep
[12:25] nikilove: maybe
[12:25] furganflop: hopefully
[12:25] stephocalypse: or the west coast feed ;O
[12:25] germanguy: t_t
[12:25] germanguy: another 3 hours or so?
[12:25] nikilove: Yeah, man
[12:25] furganflop: it would be easier on your timezone, in any case
[12:25] wendyportledge: Wish Canada's IFC would smarten up and pick up WKUK
[12:25] germanguy: well I'd like to think i didn't waste precious sleepy sleepy time
[12:25] stephocalypse: oh thats ridic
[12:26] guest-8488 entered the room
[12:26] guest-8488 changed nickname to cybertech44
[12:26] guest-8491 entered the room
[12:26] cybertech44: hey guys
[12:26] germanguy: wb 
[12:26] furganflop: hey cybertech
[12:26] cybertech44: hey
[12:26] nikilove: Hey, cybertech!
[12:26] cybertech44: hello
[12:26] guest-8491 changed nickname to gmascookies
[12:26] guest-8499 entered the room
[12:26] guest-8501 entered the room
[12:27] gmascookies: hello
[12:27] germanguy: heyho
[12:27] guest-8501 changed nickname to kinseyefink
[12:27] wendyportledge: Don't think the boys are comin; on tonight... haven't tweeted anything like norms..
[12:27] germanguy: someone streeeeaaam this pretty please
[12:27] germanguy: xD
[12:27] guest-8518 entered the room
[12:27] guest-8521 entered the room
[12:28] guest-8521 changed nickname to ally
[12:28] germanguy: nuuu that would be the worst first WKUK chat ever :O
[12:28] guest-8527 entered the room
[12:28] guest-8527 changed nickname to timmywilliams
[12:28] stephocalypse: yooooo
[12:28] stephocalypse: just in time homie
[12:28] germanguy: !
[12:28] vanelle3452: Timmy, alright!!
[12:29] furganflop: TIMMY!
[12:29] timmywilliams: WHAT UP
[12:29] saxon: o hai
[12:29] nikilove: YO TIMMY
[12:29] vanelle3452: Watch, it turns out it's a troll..
[12:29] germanguy: your timeslot sucks for us Germany, don't you realize that? :D
[12:29] nikilove: So jealous
[12:29] vanelle3452: troll...
[12:29] guest-8540 entered the room
[12:29] saxon: Magic the Gathering, man.
[12:29] guest-8545 entered the room
[12:29] germanguy: lol what
[12:29] guest-8540 changed nickname to andreamarieniceschwander
[12:29] timmywilliams: MTG YO
[12:29] cybertech44: hey timmy
[12:29] guest-8545 changed nickname to zacharygerlock
[12:29] timmywilliams: is trevor here?
[12:29] saxon: Nopers
[12:30] guest-8555 entered the room
[12:30] guest-8557 entered the room
[12:30] timmywilliams: how's everybody doin'?
[12:30] guest-8561 entered the room
[12:30] guest-8562 entered the room
[12:30] guest-8561 changed nickname to ryanlowell
[12:30] guest-8562 changed nickname to andrewvernon
[12:30] stephocalypse: good
[12:30] guest-8555 changed nickname to amysullivan
[12:30] stephocalypse: molto bene
[12:30] guest-8568 entered the room
[12:30] guest-8569 entered the room
[12:30] nikilove: not bad, you?
[12:30] guest-8568 changed nickname to carrotrees37361000
[12:30] germanguy: would be doing better if there were a livestream
[12:30] guest-8571 entered the room
[12:30] kinseyefink: goood
[12:30] guest-8569 changed nickname to cuddlebug2345
[12:30] guest-8571 changed nickname to brecrosby
[12:30] germanguy: :D
[12:30] furganflop: it's TIMMY!
[12:30] vanelle3452: damn, don't I look like an idiot!
[12:30] guest-8575 entered the room
[12:31] guest-8557 changed nickname to simicalhoun
[12:31] guest-8575 changed nickname to jorst
[12:31] vanelle3452: it is you!!
[12:31] cybertech44: lol
[12:31] germanguy: it's a body double!
[12:31] guest-8579 entered the room
[12:31] jorst: oh you dont look like a pedophile
[12:31] guest-8579 changed nickname to fullmoonhowl
[12:31] andrewvernon changed nickname to meganmcfadden
[12:31] timmywilliams: you should NEVER doubt me vanelle
[12:31] kinseyefink: timmy!
[12:31] germanguy: heyho
[12:31] zacharygerlock: so the new season has been pretty sick so far man
[12:31] fullmoonhowl: hi tim
[12:31] fullmoonhowl: hi tim
[12:31] vanelle3452: Forgive me, Timmy! 
[12:31] germanguy: he is missing rapist glasses
[12:31] vanelle3452: lol
[12:31] guest-8582 entered the room
[12:31] zacharygerlock: GOD DAMN
[12:32] guest-8582 changed nickname to kristkennon
[12:32] zacharygerlock: Die in a fire whoever has feeback
[12:32] nikilove: so much feedback
[12:32] germanguy: they are coming to get us
[12:32] guest-8589 entered the room
[12:32] germanguy: awww
[12:32] guest-8589 changed nickname to kristinwilliams
[12:32] guest-8590 entered the room
[12:32] jorst: oh hi everybody
[12:32] germanguy: well thank you for showing up
[12:32] germanguy: :D
[12:32] wendyportledge: oh hai
[12:32] stephocalypse: happy juice
[12:32] wendyportledge: German Reisling for me
[12:32] furganflop: any of the other Kids coming on?
[12:32] germanguy: lol
[12:32] nikilove: tea!
[12:33] guest-8590 changed nickname to sarahbmuse
[12:33] jorst: check this out, this is gonna be trippy
[12:33] guest-8601 entered the room
[12:33] guest-8603 entered the room
[12:33] kristinwilliams: hi timmy
[12:33] nikilove: Darren has a nice cardigan in this sketch
[12:33] stephocalypse: hey
[12:33] guest-8601 changed nickname to peterthecheaterfalv
[12:33] nikilove: hey, Kristin
[12:33] simicalhoun: Awkward silences
[12:33] guest-8606 entered the room
[12:33] guest-8606 changed nickname to holagirl180
[12:34] stephocalypse: yes
[12:34] cybertech44: yeah
[12:34] holagirl180: HI :D
[12:34] guest-8612 entered the room
[12:34] wendyportledge: lol, I live in Canada, we suck.
[12:34] cybertech44: its the Nothing Wrong with that sketch
[12:34] germanguy: the internet - where magic happens
[12:34] nikilove: yeah
[12:34] jorst: not for us!
[12:34] guest-8615 entered the room
[12:34] guest-8615 changed nickname to cuddlebug2345
[12:34] cybertech44: yeah
[12:34] guest-8618 entered the room
[12:34] guest-8618 changed nickname to bosoque
[12:34] cybertech44: another pun army sketch
[12:34] guest-8622 entered the room
[12:34] wendyportledge: This is so lame! I can't watch anything until two days from now, or so....
[12:35] guest-8624 entered the room
[12:35] guest-8624 entered the room
[12:35] germanguy: well
[12:35] guest-8624 changed nickname to gmascookies
[12:35] guest-8622 changed nickname to timmywilliams
[12:35] germanguy: at least you COULD
[12:35] holagirl180: i go to the same school as zach did :)
[12:35] guest-8628 entered the room
[12:35] brecrosby: i wish there was a live stream of it somewhere!
[12:35] guest-8630 entered the room
[12:35] guest-8631 entered the room
[12:35] germanguy: indeed
[12:35] guest-8633 entered the room
[12:35] guest-8634 entered the room
[12:35] guest-8631 changed nickname to annalizf
[12:35] wendyportledge: Why do I keep hearing poop plops?
[12:35] germanguy: this is DISCRIMINATION
[12:35] germanguy: this is DISCRIMINATION
[12:35] guest-8633 changed nickname to organicalistic
[12:35] holagirl180: yup
[12:35] stephocalypse: hi again
[12:35] guest-8640 entered the room
[12:35] guest-8634 changed nickname to jme
[12:35] guest-8641 entered the room
[12:35] germanguy: lol what happened
[12:35] nikilove: yeah
[12:35] furganflop: that was a very quick change of clothes by the looks of it
[12:35] guest-8642 entered the room
[12:35] nikilove: aw, man
[12:35] guest-8641 changed nickname to spicermcspicer
[12:35] germanguy: where did the santa suit come from?
[12:35] stephocalypse: and a banshee
[12:36] organicalistic: aww timmy you have a sexy beard!
[12:36] guest-8642 changed nickname to zacharygerlock
[12:36] stephocalypse: careful commandos
[12:36] furganflop: aaaagggghhh feedback
[12:36] guest-8654 entered the room
[12:36] kristkennon: cool feedback bro
[12:36] jorst: were watchin fuckin diners drive in and dives
[12:36] stephocalypse: YOURE THE LEPRECHAUN
[12:36] nikilove: my ears are dying
[12:36] spicermcspicer: What is that noise?!?!
[12:36] guest-8658 entered the room
[12:36] guest-8658 entered the room
[12:36] germanguy: lol the feedback is sooooo frikkin annoying
[12:36] holagirl180: Im watching fringe.... ugh.
[12:36] guest-8658 changed nickname to drepbjrk
[12:36] kinseyefink: lol
[12:36] cybertech44: this sketch is funny
[12:36] guest-8659 entered the room
[12:36] wendyportledge: I'm watching Guy Feiri
[12:36] germanguy: lol
[12:36] cybertech44: saying everything at loud to each other
[12:37] holagirl180: i wanna watch WKUK so bad. unfortunately, cant miss the fringe finale
[12:37] saxon: I found a sweet magic the gathering trick to automatically win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[12:37] drepbjrk: wut happened?
[12:37] cybertech44: that sketch was so funny
[12:37] germanguy: .....
[12:37] germanguy: xD
[12:37] wendyportledge: It's you, Tim
[12:37] stephocalypse: screeeeeeee
[12:37] germanguy: holy shit
[12:37] guest-8665 entered the room
[12:37] furganflop: what's up with the feedback
[12:37] germanguy: we are doomed
[12:37] nikilove: is the the guy just using the mic?
[12:37] wendyportledge: If you just turned your sound/mic on......
[12:37] guest-8665 changed nickname to jcohenjessica
[12:37] germanguy: I for one accept the santa overlord
[12:37] stephocalypse: Merzbow realness
[12:37] guest-8670 entered the room
[12:37] spicermcspicer: Oh, you better tell me. You better tell me this winning strategy of yers.
[12:37] timmywilliams: It's totally me
[12:37] zacharygerlock: Every time you open your mic it happens
[12:37] guest-8671 entered the room
[12:37] timmywilliams: yeah i suck
[12:37] guest-8675 entered the room
[12:37] jorst: yeah i think so....
[12:37] guest-8675 changed nickname to ravenleannesuttonjames
[12:37] holagirl180: ITS THE ECHO.
[12:37] guest-8670 changed nickname to kaitlinkolmar
[12:38] drepbjrk: ahhaa
[12:38] stephocalypse: it technologies
[12:38] guest-8679 entered the room
[12:38] kristinwilliams: MERZBOW BOX SET
[12:38] ravenleannesuttonjames: hiya timmy!
[12:38] guest-8683 entered the room
[12:38] timmywilliams: hi raven~
[12:38] guest-8684 entered the room
[12:38] jorst: nice map
[12:38] jcohenjessica: hi
[12:38] stephocalypse: for reals
[12:38] timmywilliams: hi to everybody!
[12:38] guest-8684 changed nickname to thatjacketguy
[12:38] timmywilliams: thanks
[12:38] nikilove: dub chin dog
[12:38] drepbjrk: Hey Timmy!!
[12:38] germanguy: there needs to be a livestream
[12:38] kristinwilliams: Zachary looks like my old roommate Kunce
[12:38] haydos23: hi-5 australia :P
[12:38] kristkennon: I can see africa, gross
[12:38] timmywilliams: it's my map of places to conquer
[12:38] guest-8689 entered the room
[12:38] guest-8689 changed nickname to emleorsomething
[12:38] stephocalypse: better
[12:38] jorst: i see... and hows that goin?!
[12:38] holagirl180: its not
[12:38] guest-8692 entered the room
[12:38] holagirl180: nm
[12:39] stephocalypse: oop
[12:39] germanguy: I have to illegaly steal each episode off the interwebz
[12:39] zacharygerlock: is it a good thing or a bad thing
[12:39] spicermcspicer: Materialization
[12:39] guest-8699 entered the room
[12:39] guest-8699 changed nickname to jasoncramer
[12:39] guest-8700 entered the room
[12:39] guest-8701 entered the room
[12:39] guest-8702 entered the room
[12:39] guest-8701 changed nickname to kristkennon
[12:39] guest-8703 entered the room
[12:39] zacharygerlock: kunce sounds like an asshat name
[12:39] kristinwilliams: fucking moon landings
[12:39] guest-8692 changed nickname to lucidlyquixotic
[12:39] wendyportledge: Do you have a mic turned on on another computer round you?
[12:39] nikilove: haha
[12:39] kinseyefink: haha
[12:39] guest-8703 changed nickname to yoodog
[12:39] guest-8708 entered the room
[12:39] guest-8711 entered the room
[12:39] saxon: Does Timmy play WoW, or just Magic?
[12:39] guest-8708 changed nickname to andreaavalos
[12:39] ravenleannesuttonjames: i see thw world behind you...:O
[12:39] guest-8715 entered the room
[12:39] timmywilliams: i don't play WoW
[12:39] guest-8716 entered the room
[12:39] ravenleannesuttonjames: the*
[12:39] saxon: ah.
[12:39] guest-8715 changed nickname to hannahthornton
[12:39] yoodog: Timmy
[12:39] guest-8720 entered the room
[12:39] holagirl180: i love WoW
[12:39] yoodog: timmy
[12:39] germanguy: he has a life... at least on TV.. can't play WoW
[12:39] yoodog: timmytimmy
[12:39] kristinwilliams: Timmy LARPS
[12:40] guest-8723 entered the room
[12:40] lucidlyquixotic: timmy post nudes
[12:40] saxon: I love holagirl
[12:40] guest-8723 changed nickname to hubbz
[12:40] timmywilliams: i LARP 24/7
[12:40] wendyportledge: Well, I'll just relax and watch 8 screens of andom people while I drink some wine...
[12:40] spicermcspicer: Ohhh different camera angles
[12:40] holagirl180: thanks :) 
[12:40] andreaavalos: lol
[12:40] guest-8716 changed nickname to seanburnett
[12:40] guest-8728 entered the room
[12:40] jasoncramer: holy nerdpile batman
[12:40] guest-8729 entered the room
[12:40] guest-8730 entered the room
[12:40] timmywilliams: what the hell is that noise?
[12:40] hubbz: timmyyy u rule
[12:40] guest-8731 entered the room
[12:40] kristinwilliams: Livin Larpin
[12:40] timmywilliams: hi jason!
[12:40] guest-8733 entered the room
[12:40] guest-8734 entered the room
[12:40] guest-8735 entered the room
[12:40] guest-8736 entered the room
[12:40] guest-8736 changed nickname to meganmcfadden
[12:40] jasoncramer: hey timmy!
[12:40] guest-8733 changed nickname to isaacrivera
[12:40] guest-8730 changed nickname to bobbyallen
[12:40] guest-8734 changed nickname to gmascookies
[12:40] hannahthornton changed nickname to hannah
[12:40] meganmcfadden changed nickname to andrewvernon
[12:40] cybertech44: MacDougal's sketch is on
[12:40] jasoncramer: oh hi kristin!
[12:40] kristinwilliams: We got a big map to make us feel smart
[12:40] timmywilliams: these 2 kids and their ability to be on different cameras
[12:40] andreaavalos: Whats up!
[12:40] hannah: timmyyy! 
[12:40] timmywilliams: yo
[12:40] timmywilliams: !
[12:40] yoodog: your hair is nice
[12:40] kristinwilliams: and he has a cat
[12:40] bobbyallen: YOO!
[12:40] timmywilliams: thanks!
[12:40] cybertech44: wow racist
[12:40] cybertech44: lol
[12:41] stephocalypse: i feel like timmy is gonna teach geography in between ads
[12:41] guest-8741 entered the room
[12:41] andreaavalos: Wuz happenin'?
[12:41] guest-8729 changed nickname to rob
[12:41] timmywilliams: haha!
[12:41] yoodog: and your beard
[12:41] saxon: Timmy, i have found an automatic way to win at magic the gathering.
[12:41] timmywilliams: i should
[12:41] kristinwilliams: nice cat jorst
[12:41] zacharygerlock: my god removing my glasses makes me realize just how blind i am
[12:41] bobbyallen: ;)
[12:41] cybertech44: Trevor is going to get jumped
[12:41] guest-8741 changed nickname to gmascookies
[12:41] seanburnett: woot timmy!!
[12:41] cybertech44: lol
[12:41] zacharygerlock: seeing me squint on camera
[12:41] ravenleannesuttonjames: this is random, but i had a dream you joined gwar, timmy. it was weird. 
[12:41] guest-8746 entered the room
[12:41] spicermcspicer: Wooo everybody!
[12:41] cybertech44: Ldies night is racist night too
[12:41] timmywilliams: what sketch is on?
[12:41] guest-8748 entered the room
[12:41] hannah: nice cat, jorst
[12:41] lucidlyquixotic: timmy your goatee is super hot
[12:41] spicermcspicer: <---This guy wins.
[12:41] kinseyefink: macdougals
[12:41] ravenleannesuttonjames: that band gives me trippy dreams
[12:41] guest-8750 entered the room
[12:41] guest-8746 changed nickname to lucasclark
[12:41] cybertech44: MacDougal's sketch
[12:41] nikilove: the black night one
[12:41] germanguy: Sell your damn show to some German tv station, would ya
[12:41] nikilove: at the bar
[12:41] kristinwilliams: so I wanted to mention, that Timmy joined GWAR
[12:41] timmywilliams: thank you?
[12:41] timmywilliams: ah
[12:41] guest-8753 entered the room
[12:41] holagirl180: Haha :)
[12:41] timmywilliams: who's making the weird noises?
[12:41] stephocalypse: noice congrats duder
[12:41] timmywilliams: it's scaring me
[12:41] guest-8748 changed nickname to valeriefernandez
[12:41] hubbz: who here like music? i hear it popular with the young kids.... listen to my band!!!
[12:41] wendyportledge: Jorst just foamed beer all over the place. the "wife" had to clean it... of course.
[12:42] guest-8758 entered the room
[12:42] bosoque: it sounds like someone is stepping on a box. repeatedly.
[12:42] jorst: sounds like one of these guys is jackin it
[12:42] guest-8761 entered the room
[12:42] lucidlyquixotic: by scaring you must mean arousing
[12:42] lucasclark: hahaha
[12:42] hubbz:
[12:42] guest-8761 changed nickname to jcohenjessica
[12:42] guest-8762 entered the room
[12:42] zacharygerlock: is he saying chicken dinner?
[12:42] timmywilliams: no i mean scaring
[12:42] nikilove: Timmy, gym teacher haircut rules
[12:42] jasoncramer: all I hear is a bunch of static rumbliness
[12:42] germanguy: wow
[12:42] guest-8758 changed nickname to sethorr
[12:42] timmywilliams: haha!  thanks!
[12:42] spicermcspicer: I must be a part of things.
[12:42] germanguy: the static is gone
[12:42] timmywilliams: i love that sketch
[12:42] germanguy: and we're back
[12:42] kristinwilliams: i think some people in here are super drunk!!!!!!!!!!
[12:42] hannah: i just watched the wkuk video classroom.. your hilarious in it timmyy.
[12:42] jorst: not me... not yet at least
[12:42] seanburnett: is that cybertech from youtube???
[12:42] hubbz: i'm a lil drunk cuz the wings won!!!
[12:42] germanguy: lol
[12:42] cybertech44: gynasium Timmy
[12:42] germanguy: apparently
[12:42] stephocalypse: timmy bringin butch realness
[12:42] gmascookies: you want to teach the kids... gymnasium???
[12:42] guest-8753 changed nickname to keira
[12:42] cybertech44: lol
[12:42] timmywilliams: thanks hannah
[12:42] guest-8772 entered the room
[12:42] guest-8772 changed nickname to lucasclark
[12:42] timmywilliams: the wings won?
[12:42] jasoncramer: hey girl with the wine, that's awesome. I had no idea that drinking wine was compatible
[12:42] jasoncramer: with the show
[12:42] ravenleannesuttonjames: haha, i'd like a world ruled by timmy. timmylandia?
[12:42] timmywilliams: i think wings always win
[12:42] hubbz: 3-4
[12:43] cybertech44: Its the teachers sketch
[12:43] timmywilliams: they're delicious
[12:43] saxon: Platinum Angel + Whispersilk Cloak + Darksteel Forge =Epic Win. MTG Stratigy for you,Timmy
[12:43] kristinwilliams: Okay Timmy, which of all the Whitest Kids songs gets stuck in your head the most?
[12:43] cybertech44: to babysit kids
[12:43] jorst: agreed
[12:43] germanguy: I can't realte to any of this.. these aren't my local nazis
[12:43] hubbz: wings are the yankees of hockey.
[12:43] germanguy: *relate
[12:43] timmywilliams: H-i-t-le-r
[12:43] seanburnett: you guys should do an MTG sketch hahaha
[12:43] hannah: I have dinosaur rap in my head all the time...
[12:43] gmascookies: lol I don't think that is a natural woman
[12:43] jasoncramer: m-o-u-s-e
[12:43] seanburnett: my friends all get so pissy when they lose
[12:43] guest-8782 entered the room
[12:43] jorst: drivin down the street in ya fancy car
[12:43] brecrosby: dinosaur rap always gets stuck in my head
[12:43] keira: old folks home<3
[12:43] guest-8786 entered the room
[12:43] cybertech44: teacher's Union sketch
[12:43] guest-8782 changed nickname to bobschuth
[12:43] bosoque: or get a new daddy
[12:43] timmywilliams: teacher's union was fun
[12:43] saxon: Can you draw me a farie castle?
[12:43] kristinwilliams: We have a bag of DINOSAUR HEADS in our closet
[12:43] timmywilliams: is this episode funny?
[12:44] guest-8795 entered the room
[12:44] guest-8795 changed nickname to lucasclark
[12:44] nikilove: Timmy, what was your favorite Sam-as-a-lady character?
[12:44] cybertech44: yeah
[12:44] guest-8798 changed nickname to lucidlyquixotic
[12:44] germanguy: I can tell you as soon as someone posts a TV rip
[12:44] kristinwilliams: LOVLIEST BRIDE!!!
[12:44] timmywilliams: umm the dominatrix i think
[12:44] holagirl180: Timmy can u tell Zach Chris Lorraine says hi? hopefully he'll get that
[12:44] guest-8802 entered the room
[12:44] hubbz: w/e u guys doo.... dont suck  my dick!
[12:44] kristinwilliams: sorry no more shouting
[12:44] zacharygerlock: THE LOVLIEST BRIDE!!!!
[12:44] kristinwilliams: i promise
[12:44] guest-8802 changed nickname to chrisbui
[12:44] keira: hahahha
[12:44] timmywilliams: oh yeah that one
[12:44] hannah: keira!
[12:44] timmywilliams: that's his best lady
[12:44] ravenleannesuttonjames: i had a question. but it may be very stupid..
[12:44] andrewvernon: This is all I really learned in spanish class. "?donde es el excremento?"
[12:44] saxon: I love Saggie Sammy. Did you draw that?
[12:44] bobschuth: dfdffd
[12:44] guest-8811 entered the room
[12:44] timmywilliams: what up raven?
[12:44] cybertech44: Saw rosenberg sketch
[12:44] kinseyefink: dideridoo!
[12:44] timmywilliams: no trevor drew those
[12:44] jorst: goin to the attic
[12:44] kristinwilliams: is it? what about the sketch when he's the lady talking about his ex, and zach blows sam's
[12:45] timmywilliams: i can't actually draw for shit
[12:45] stephocalypse: is this dudes name a shoutout to the jerky boys?
[12:45] kristinwilliams: head off
[12:45] nikilove: 1-800-555-DOOO
[12:45] guest-8811 changed nickname to gisellevalo
[12:45] kristkennon: Timmy: your delivery in these skits is awesome
[12:45] timmywilliams: what dude?
[12:45] nikilove: DOOO it
[12:45] guest-8817 entered the room
[12:45] guest-8819 entered the room
[12:45] timmywilliams: thanks krist!
[12:45] bosoque: hey Timmy, I'm studying for finals, do you know anything about Civl Procedure? 
[12:45] guest-8819 changed nickname to lucasclark
[12:45] stephocalypse: sal rosenberg
[12:45] kristkennon: You're welcome
[12:45] stephocalypse: jerky boys used that character name often
[12:45] cybertech44: yeah, misspelled it sorry
[12:45] gmascookies: hey Timmy what's ur favorite sketch in this episode?
[12:45] timmywilliams: i don't know what's in this one?
[12:45] kristinwilliams: Timmy knows a lot about the liquor luge
[12:45] saxon: Saggy Sammie.
[12:45] stephocalypse: trevor talking about graves
[12:46] gisellevalo: HELL-o!
[12:46] germanguy: and the santa suit has vanished again - oh holy one why don't you grace us humble people w
[12:46] kinseyefink: he's diggin' em' up
[12:46] kristinwilliams: hi
[12:46] germanguy: ith thy show
[12:46] zacharygerlock: HAIL SATAN!
[12:46] andrewvernon: "!Quiero ser la mierda en los pantalones!"
[12:46] gisellevalo: HAIL SATAN
[12:46] nikilove: Hail Santa
[12:46] guest-8839 entered the room
[12:46] gisellevalo: hahah
[12:46] gmascookies: yeah. he's diggin' em up!
[12:46] timmywilliams: Hail Satin
[12:46] gisellevalo: HAIL SATAN
[12:46] andreaavalos: ahaha
[12:46] guest-8841 entered the room
[12:46] guest-8841 changed nickname to ravenleannesuttonjames
[12:46] lucidlyquixotic: hail satan
[12:46] gisellevalo: man I LOVE this
[12:46] stephocalypse: 3d tv is so useless 
[12:46] holagirl180: No, estoy en una falda.
[12:46] zacharygerlock: teaches def all worship satan
[12:46] kristkennon: Hey Timmy, have you guys talked about what your next film will be about?
[12:46] keira: random much
[12:46] ravenleannesuttonjames: is civil war on drugs going to be made into a movie? or a new show? or just be a series of
[12:46] ravenleannesuttonjames: sketches?
[12:46] hannah: kristkennon, are you like interviewing him or something? lol
[12:47] cybertech44: the Civil War on Drugs is the movie
[12:47] hannah: SHHH. lol
[12:47] lucasclark: yes he is lol
[12:47] guest-8852 entered the room
[12:47] stephocalypse: no
[12:47] nikilove: Timmy, what's your favorite dinosaur?
[12:47] seanburnett: nope
[12:47] bosoque: nope
[12:47] guest-8852 changed nickname to lucidlyquixotic
[12:47] kristkennon: lolno  just curious
[12:47] germanguy: nope
[12:47] kristinwilliams: GUESS WHAT everyone?!?! You Have all officially seen more WKUK Sketches for season5 than u
[12:47] kristinwilliams: us
[12:47] bosoque: proove it
[12:47] cybertech44: they did a full screening of it weeks ago i think
[12:47] guest-8857 entered the room
[12:47] hannah: same
[12:47] bosoque: sunday school answer
[12:47] gmascookies: hey what do u think of the CoD sketch?
[12:47] keira: same bra
[12:47] nikilove: Tiny arms rule
[12:47] guest-8857 changed nickname to zsdcjhjak789258
[12:47] guest-8858 entered the room
[12:47] ravenleannesuttonjames: i enjoy that rhyme, kristin :D
[12:47] guest-8858 changed nickname to chrisbui
[12:47] bosoque: MOM
[12:47] guest-8860 entered the room
[12:47] saxon: Is it true your favorite animal is saggie sammy, timmy?
[12:47] andrewvernon: I threw up today. I can't tell if it was from drinking or working out. 
[12:47] seanburnett: niki is that an aperture mug??
[12:47] holagirl180: What sketch was the most fun to make?
[12:47] kristinwilliams: Niki, what's in yer mug?
[12:47] gmascookies: yes... yes it is
[12:47] bosoque: probably workin' out brah
[12:47] andrewvernon: It was a sizable amount of puke.
[12:47] nikilove: orange blossom tea!
[12:47] lucasclark: i love cival war on drugs
[12:48] kristinwilliams: yummmmmm
[12:48] nikilove: it's sooo good
[12:48] germanguy: When will you be touring in Germany? Our bodies are ready
[12:48] bosoque: okay which was the LEAST fun to make
[12:48] jorst: baked beans
[12:48] andrewvernon: Guns!
[12:48] saxon: Favorite MTg card?
[12:48] furganflop: Timmy, what's your favorite sketch from this season?
[12:48] germanguy: :O
[12:48] germanguy: :(
[12:48] germanguy: why not?
[12:48] germanguy: why not?
[12:48] zacharygerlock: BLack lotus duh
[12:48] lucasclark: hey timmy u guys need to tour to missouri
[12:48] germanguy: that's harsh
[12:48] zacharygerlock: who DOESN"T want one
[12:48] saxon: Favorite MTG card?
[12:48] kristinwilliams: he likes baked beans the best... he wont admit it
[12:48] bosoque: coming ot Atlanta any time? 
[12:48] germanguy: you can stay at my place, no probs :D
[12:48] saxon: lol
[12:48] bosoque: it's in the US. still.
[12:48] lucasclark: what about missouri
[12:48] hannah: Can you tell trevor i said hi?
[12:48] seanburnett: your most hated MTG card
[12:48] gmascookies: oh I SEE! So cutting this uninfected arm off gets rid of the infection on the other arm!
[12:49] guest-8881 entered the room
[12:49] seanburnett: memnarch
[12:49] jorst: Do something Canadian! ~ WendyPortledge
[12:49] seanburnett: ?
[12:49] guest-8881 changed nickname to roland
[12:49] germanguy: lol
[12:49] nikilove: that's awesome
[12:49] germanguy: Avatar reference ftw
[12:49] stephocalypse: good answer!
[12:49] kristinwilliams: yes yes, i love the demon cards timmy plays
[12:49] guest-8885 entered the room
[12:49] nikilove: memnight
[12:49] guest-8885 changed nickname to whimsicaldots
[12:49] kristinwilliams: Memnite Shamalan
[12:49] guest-8888 entered the room
[12:49] saxon: Sovrin Marcove?
[12:49] seanburnett: how much do you guys hate infect?
[12:49] guest-8888 changed nickname to katie
[12:49] guest-8891 entered the room
[12:49] guest-8891 changed nickname to lucidlyquixotic
[12:49] kristinwilliams: nerd points
[12:49] gmascookies: away now, to the land of dreams
[12:49] seanburnett: I hate it soo much =[
[12:49] guest-8893 entered the room
[12:49] guest-8893 changed nickname to lucasclark
[12:49] zacharygerlock: was that from that fake series
[12:49] seanburnett: too fast for my eldrazis =[
[12:49] zacharygerlock: with BFM
[12:49] andrewvernon: Is it true that German people poop a lot in their pornos?
[12:49] hubbz: \
[12:50] zacharygerlock: and all that razamataz
[12:50] germanguy: nope
[12:50] guest-8898 entered the room
[12:50] seanburnett: spawnsire of timmy? =D
[12:50] germanguy: >>
[12:50] guest-8898 changed nickname to lucidlyquixotic
[12:50] germanguy: keep spreading the lies, would ya
[12:50] stephocalypse: brazil catchin up with that kind of porn
[12:50] zacharygerlock: That worm
[12:50] stephocalypse: 2 girls 1 cup is brazilian made
[12:50] gmascookies: hey timmy, are you for freedom or oppression?
[12:50] saxon: Come to MA!!!!
[12:50] hubbz: check out my band! timmy put us on your show!
[12:50] bosoque: we'll start shit porn if you come to Atlanta
[12:50] gmascookies: cool beans
[12:50] furganflop: it better come by Australia too >:(
[12:51] kristkennon: CAPS LOCK
[12:51] bosoque: Atlanta shit porn.
[12:51] saxon:
[12:51] andreaavalos: so... yeah!
[12:51] guest-8911 entered the room
[12:51] holagirl180: ...moon bears.
[12:51] guest-8912 entered the room
[12:51] hannah: Come to pennsylvaniaaa:))
[12:51] andreaavalos: lol!
[12:51] guest-8913 entered the room
[12:51] andreaavalos: umm...
[12:51] holagirl180: come to maryland.....
[12:51] andreaavalos: yep...
[12:51] hubbz: detroitt!!!
[12:51] guest-8919 entered the room
[12:51] guest-8919 changed nickname to zacharygerlock
[12:51] bosoque: EVERYWHERE!?!!!1!!!
[12:51] hubbz: MY CHEST?!
[12:51] kristinwilliams: PUPPY HOORAY
[12:51] hannah: awh
[12:51] guest-8913 changed nickname to alonsovaldez
[12:51] holagirl180: GO*
[12:51] lucasclark: hahaha u said cum
[12:51] andreaavalos: d'aawww!
[12:51] kristinwilliams: fake puppy
[12:51] nikilove: Where'd you guys film Civil War On Drugs? It looks so pretty
[12:52] kristinwilliams: bwaah
[12:52] gmascookies: aww it's so cute! let's eat it
[12:52] andreaavalos: wha?
[12:52] jorst: wub puppies
[12:52] guest-8926 entered the room
[12:52] bosoque: prove it
[12:52] guest-8926 changed nickname to cuddlebug2345
[12:52] hubbz:
[12:52] bosoque: yeah
[12:52] kristinwilliams: real puppeh
[12:52] hubbz: my band rulz
[12:52] bosoque: oh okay
[12:52] hubbz: u shot it in new zealand
[12:52] guest-8930 entered the room
[12:52] hubbz: LOTR wannbeee
[12:52] kristinwilliams: yea with the hobbits
[12:52] guest-8930 changed nickname to lindsey_btf
[12:52] hubbz: lolol
[12:52] furganflop: why would Timmy lie about shooting in upstate New York?
[12:52] holagirl180: I'd bring my puppy, but she's afraid of my computer.....
[12:52] andrewvernon: I'm saddened to not see a sketch about Blumpkins. All 5 seasons so far. :(
[12:52] kristinwilliams: hubbz be givin you major sass
[12:52] stephocalypse: yeah really
[12:52] bosoque: hubbz... tits or GTFO
[12:52] zacharygerlock: green white indestructible when he attacks all other creatures die
[12:52] hubbz: i'm drunk cuz the wings won
[12:52] jorst: still got welts from baked beans? lol
[12:53] gmascookies: hubbz i think he'd know just saying
[12:53] ravenleannesuttonjames: you sound like yosemite sam on my computer.
[12:53] holagirl180: IM IN.
[12:53] seanburnett: we should sometime!
[12:53] gmascookies: Lee! Lee! Lee! Lee!
[12:53] saxon: Could you say boromir epicly???
[12:53] jorst: you dont have good moustache
[12:53] seanburnett: hours of nerdy magic chat
[12:53] saxon: yes
[12:53] gmascookies: sweet!
[12:53] jorst: more like a rapist beard
[12:53] zacharygerlock: Rasum frassum varmant
[12:54] nikilove: tight goat, bro
[12:54] bosoque: 6 out of 10
[12:54] seanburnett: timmy, what is your least favorite MTG card?
[12:54] hubbz: ours are equal
[12:54] guest-8951 entered the room
[12:54] guest-8951 changed nickname to tikituscadero
[12:54] seanburnett: mind slaver?
[12:54] seanburnett: hahaha
[12:54] saxon: :(
[12:54] jorst: DO IT
[12:54] germanguy: watch out... timmy is going to hustle you at MTG
[12:54] gmascookies: Are you going for an Osama beard in memorial?
[12:54] holagirl180: CAN WE HAVE A MAGIC CARD FIGHT?!?!
[12:54] saxon: DO IT
[12:54] ravenleannesuttonjames: whaaaat?
[12:54] guest-8955 entered the room
[12:54] roland: say balls of steel in your best duke voice
[12:54] andreaavalos: lol
[12:54] tikituscadero: LOL @ the beard
[12:54] kristinwilliams: DO LEEEROY JENKINSSSSS
[12:54] lucasclark: SAY GIVE ME BACK MY FACE
[12:54] guest-8955 changed nickname to matt_lopiano
[12:54] kristinwilliams: or no sex tonight
[12:54] seanburnett: ive dueled over webcam before
[12:54] bosoque: too soon
[12:54] nikilove: HAHAHA
[12:54] andrewvernon: "HI!" - from Megan
[12:54] zacharygerlock: Have you seen the trailer to "The Chronicles of rick roll"?
[12:54] seanburnett: it was kindof awesome
[12:54] andreaavalos: daaaayum!
[12:55] zacharygerlock: you should totally get the WKUK in on that
[12:55] andrewvernon: Fine thank you!
[12:55] holagirl180: Thats ok, i can only find yu gi oh and pokemon, i think my bro has my magic cards
[12:55] zacharygerlock: youtube it
[12:55] cybertech44: Have you ever played WoW the actual game? Did you like it?
[12:55] guest-8968 entered the room
[12:55] zacharygerlock: its pretty epic
[12:55] saxon:
[12:55] gmascookies: BAKED BEANS! 1-900-XX-BEANS
[12:55] nikilove: LeeeeeROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY
[12:55] jorst: PS#?
[12:55] roland: also world of warcraft is awful
[12:55] hubbz: timmy youre show rules, listen to my band? 
[12:55] saxon: Play it. Its as good as MTG
[12:55] ravenleannesuttonjames: i hope you come to sacramento!!!
[12:55] jorst: oops ps3?
[12:55] andrewvernon: Computer games are weak!
[12:55] kristinwilliams: DO LEEEEEROOOOOOY
[12:55] hubbz: you are show rules
[12:55] guest-8975 entered the room
[12:55] cybertech44: What about starcraft 2?
[12:55] holagirl180: Im going to these every week now.
[12:55] kristinwilliams: tell him what it just DO IT.....
[12:55] zacharygerlock:
[12:55] spicermcspicer: Totally read that hitler with the Mickey Mouse theme inadvertently.
[12:55] tikituscadero: *still is in disbelief timmy is off my tv and now in my computer. live* ^_^
[12:55] saxon:
[12:55] furganflop: has the ep ended
[12:55] germanguy: :D
[12:56] bosoque: the show's off already?! 
[12:56] stephocalypse: almost
[12:56] zacharygerlock: not quite
[12:56] kristkennon:
[12:56] guest-8985 entered the room
[12:56] germanguy: yeah this is a fucking great fan service right here
[12:56] guest-8985 changed nickname to gmascookies
[12:56] guest-8987 entered the room
[12:56] bosoque: damnit. House Hunters International hasn't gone to a commercial yet
[12:56] roland: say "I've got balls of steel" in your best duke nukem voice
[12:56] guest-8989 entered the room
[12:56] ravenleannesuttonjames: timmy, what's your favorite band?!
[12:56] kristkennon: its on commercial right now
[12:56] saxon:
[12:56] stephocalypse: next wk scenes
[12:56] spicermcspicer: H-I-T-L-E-R M-O-U-S-E
[12:56] zacharygerlock: how do you feel about new devo?
[12:56] guest-8989 changed nickname to seanindcnyal
[12:56] saxon: Favorite Video Game
[12:56] guest-8992 entered the room
[12:56] guest-8992 changed nickname to lucidlyquixotic
[12:56] kristkennon: I saw devo live last year, fucking awesome
[12:56] andrewvernon: Did you see Devo at the Crystal?
[12:56] zacharygerlock: their first single off the album was really good
[12:56] cybertech44: Hey timmy do you listen to bands like Trivium, dream theater or others?
[12:56] zacharygerlock: fresh
[12:56] jorst: Oh, so what, your show is over so you're gonna leave?
[12:56] holagirl180: opinion on pokemon?
[12:56] andrewvernon: Nice!
[12:57] gmascookies: let's go to the old folks home... what say you?
[12:57] spicermcspicer: Oh, can I have one? I need to add it to my wig collection.
[12:57] bosoque: Dethklok?
[12:57] guest-9008 entered the room
[12:57] guest-9008 changed nickname to lucasclark
[12:57] matt_lopiano: timmy Williams!!!!!!
[12:57] germanguy: lol Metalocalypse
[12:57] andrewvernon: I'm going to go see some wuss rock at the Roseland tonight.
[12:57] guest-9013 entered the room
[12:57] guest-9013 changed nickname to ashleyisscool
[12:57] holagirl180: Any opinion on pokemon? 
[12:57] guest-9016 entered the room
[12:57] guest-9016 changed nickname to ravenleannesuttonjames
[12:57] zacharygerlock: Favorite TV show 
[12:57] zacharygerlock: ?
[12:57] guest-9017 entered the room
[12:57] gmascookies: my mic is screwy :/
[12:57] seanburnett: gotta catch em all obviously!
[12:57] guest-9017 changed nickname to ashleyisscool
[12:57] seanburnett: =P
[12:57] nikilove: Hey Timmy, have you seen the trailer for The Beaver?
[12:58] kristkennon: The dan band is coming to where i live but i'm not 21..
[12:58] lucidlyquixotic: is my video stream working?
[12:58] andrewvernon: Looks epic!
[12:58] nikilove: I don't know if I'm being trolled or not
[12:58] jorst: What are YOU watching, Timmy?
[12:58] lucidlyquixotic: probably porn
[12:58] cybertech44: Have you seen Thor yet? I'm going to see it tomorrow.
[12:58] lucasclark: DO U LIKE THE BOONDOCK SAINTS 
[12:58] holagirl180: Fun. My gay friend made the america song his ring tone. its always awk when it goes off
[12:58] jorst: Other than that
[12:58] saxon: Is Saggie Sammy your favorite Animal, Timmy?
[12:58] ashleyisscool: how old are you timmy? no offense.
[12:58] lucidlyquixotic: 80
[12:58] jorst: Cmon\ geeze
[12:58] matt_lopiano: Hey Timmy, you live in portand now?
[12:58] gmascookies: BUMBUM Mel Gibson BUMBUM The Dam. BUMBUM. SUMMER.
[12:58] nikilove: Tyler, your hair reminds me of Dwight from The Office
[12:58] lucidlyquixotic: how long is your willy timmy?
[12:58] ashleyisscool: your old.
[12:58] stephocalypse: one of them is in the new gaga vid
[12:58] ravenleannesuttonjames: that movies kicks ass
[12:59] ashleyisscool: lmaaao.
[12:59] jorst: potrtandia
[12:59] bosoque: I'm going to need to see your birth certificate 
[12:59] lucasclark: i am 10 years younger than u 
[12:59] zacharygerlock: I grow moist!
[12:59] seanburnett: were you all originally from virginia?
[12:59] saxon: Do you watch portlandia
[12:59] andreaavalos: So, what's up! 
[12:59] andreaavalos: lol
[12:59] bosoque: Long form.
[12:59] holagirl180: D: am i the youngest person here?
[12:59] ravenleannesuttonjames: have you ever been to portlandia timmy?
[12:59] bosoque: O SHIT OH SHIT
[12:59] zacharygerlock: awww shows over man
[12:59] ashleyisscool: ikr, i feel so younng compared to everyone else.
[12:59] seanburnett: ahh ok, I used to live in norfolk haha chicago now
[12:59] andrewvernon: So many stupid questions!
[12:59] holagirl180: I GO TO ZACHS OLD SCHOOL!! (haha i keep saying this it the only reason i go)
[12:59] zacharygerlock: i've been watching older episodes on netfilx
[12:59] lucidlyquixotic: is my freaking video stream working?
[12:59] lucasclark: NOO THE EP IS OVER
[12:59] germanguy: doupa doup douuuuu
[12:59] germanguy: nuuuuuuuuuu
[12:59] bosoque: what's zach's old school? 
[12:59] saxon: I GOT Steampunk Glasses
[13:00] holagirl180: The Field School
[13:00] bosoque: no
[13:00] jorst: no
[13:00] tikituscadero: LOL
[13:00] nikilove: It's spooky
[13:00] stephocalypse: noice
[13:00] seanburnett: yes!
[13:00] zacharygerlock: what the hell was that?
[13:00] tikituscadero: its kinda scary
[13:00] kristkennon: what was your favorite character you played in civil war on drugs?
[13:00] furganflop: hey Timmy, would you mind if someone edited CWOD together and torrented it?
[13:00] bosoque: it sounds like when a droid gets a text message
[13:00] andrewvernon: You got any stand up shows coming up?
[13:00] seanburnett: was that basshunter? lol
[13:00] ravenleannesuttonjames: dave grohl is from virginia. yeeah :)
[13:00] holagirl180:
[13:00] nikilove: Does Spaceship snore? My cat snores so loud
[13:00] guest-9073 entered the room
[13:00] spicermcspicer: Oh god....FUCK YOU GANDOLF.
[13:00] roland: is season 5 of whitest kids really the last one?
[13:00] guest-9073 changed nickname to mary
[13:00] guest-9073 changed nickname to mary
[13:01] furganflop: yes it is
[13:01] saxon: GOOODOOOO!!!!!!!!!
[13:01] germanguy: I need to get the ep asap
[13:01] andreaavalos: Shit, I missed it. What happened?
[13:01] zacharygerlock: Timmy the fact zone is on high alert! your reaction?
[13:01] germanguy: timmy is santa
[13:01] gmascookies:
[13:01] germanguy: also mtg nerdiness
[13:01] bosoque: Is there going to be a dramatic ending to the show? 
[13:01] zacharygerlock: some show that comes on after WKUK apparentl
[13:01] kristkennon: >>the onion
[13:01] bosoque: no spoilers
[13:01] nikilove: cat!
[13:02] guest-9101 changed nickname to lucasclark
[13:02] guest-9102 entered the room
[13:02] tikituscadero: what show is this?
[13:01] bosoque: Do we win this time?
[13:01] holagirl180: is that a cat... on a chair?
[13:01] bosoque: THE SOUTH
[13:02] kristkennon: catchats
[13:02] bosoque: WOOOO
[13:02] zacharygerlock: says alquida attacked the internet with a picture of a pig wearing boots
[13:02] tikituscadero: lol @ catchats
[13:02] germanguy: looks like a cat to me
[13:02] nikilove: drugs win
[13:02] tikituscadero: no but is that a real cat oooor.....
[13:02] guest-9092 entered the room
[13:02] zacharygerlock: making people spost online spamming servers
[13:02] germanguy: real
[13:02] saxon: lol, ze north
[13:02] bosoque: i'm pretty sure the south won the civil war on drugs
[13:02] kristkennon: my cat had surgery the other day..
[13:02] holagirl180: What type of TV do you watch Timmy?
[13:02] brecrosby: is it going to be put on dvd? i saw the screening in LA and loved it
[13:02] ravenleannesuttonjames: and drools
[13:02] seanburnett: just mute peoples haha
[13:02] andreaavalos: I did too bre!
[13:02] andrewvernon: Netflix for the win.
[13:02] mary: timmy what are you guys gonna do after the season finishes? 
[13:02] bosoque: oh c'mon. do you REALLY like it?
[13:02] mary: yay!
[13:02] stephocalypse: it is entertaining
[13:02] spicermcspicer: I hear none
[13:02] keira: sweet
[13:02] gmascookies: Doo doo doo doo... doo doo doo doo.... doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
[13:02] roland: awesome
[13:02] guest-9101 entered the room
[13:02] holagirl180: I watched every episode off buffy the vampire slayer, in 2 weeks. i need a life
[13:02] guest-9101 changed nickname to lucasclark
[13:02] guest-9102 entered the room
[13:02] tikituscadero: what show is this?
[13:03] bosoque: what did you think about Miss March?
[13:03] spicermcspicer: What
[13:03] tikituscadero: OH
[13:03] tikituscadero: nice
[13:03] spicermcspicer: is
[13:03] bosoque: fine
[13:03] ravenleannesuttonjames: what are the whitest kids doing next?!
[13:03] mary: is fine haha
[13:03] spicermcspicer: yer favorite game?
[13:03] zacharygerlock: later timmy its been fun
[13:03] saxon: PIGS IN BOOTS!!!111
[13:03] holagirl180: IMA FUCK A WHITE BITCH
[13:03] holagirl180: THATS MY JAM
[13:03] andreaavalos: that didnt sound too convincing
[13:03] bosoque: It's up there with the Beaver
[13:03] andreaavalos: !!
[13:03] keira: byeeeeeee
[13:03] andreaavalos: damn!
[13:03] seanburnett: later timmy!!!
[13:03] bosoque: aiiight now
[13:03] furganflop: see you Timmy!
[13:03] andreaavalos: cool!
[13:03] lucidlyquixotic: FUCK NO 
[13:03] nikilove: aw, yeah!
[13:03] germanguy: bye
[13:03] roland: bye bye timogthy
[13:03] lucidlyquixotic: BUYE
[13:03] holagirl180: ByE

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