Season Season 5
Episode no. 6
Air date 5/20/2011
Network IFC


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Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
God Wants You
According to grunge rockers, "God wants you to wear a hat".
  • Singer: Trevor
  • Bassist: Sam
  • Drummer: Timmy
  • Hatless people: Darren, Sam, Zach
  • Released online a few days before Episode 6 aired.
  • Sam looks a lot like Slash. The guitar he's using is the same guitar from Season 3 sketches Presidential Props and Super Dog.
  • Trevor's character has the same beard as Luciano from Songs of Olden Times. (Maybe they're brothers?)
  • Probably the last sketch to be shot for Season 5. In a picture of the Season 5 wrap party, you can see Trevor, Timmy and Sam in their rock band attire.
Dad Will Take Care of It
A sarcastic dad points out everything he has to do.
  • Dad: Trevor
  • Mom: Timmy
  • Tommy: Sam
  • Darren: Darren
  • Dad's dad: Zach
  • Dad's dad's dad: Stanley Harris
Zombie Press Conference
An emergency broadcast from the Pentagon about the zombie apocalypse.
  • Pentagon official: Zach
  • Pentagon workers: Trevor, Sam, Darren, Timmy
Bad Drivers
A driver's ed student is having problems with braking.
  • Instructor: Darren
  • Student: Trevor
  • Family on grass: Zach, Sam, Timmy
Hot Sister
A guy can't resist the sight of his sister's body... and neither can his father.
  • Lacey: Bobbi Bentzel
  • Dad: Trevor
  • Brother: Darren
  • Doctor in flashback: Sam
  • Mom: Timmy
Milfy Mom
Billy doesn't want to tell his mother what a MILF is - and for a good reason.
  • Billy: Timmy
  • Mom: Sam
  • "I'm home from the church store!" is a line in two Season 1 sketches.
Making Animals Kiss
Network executives aren't quite sure how well a new TV show will do.
  • Host: Darren
  • Experimental guinea pig: Sam
  • Caller (voice): Trevor
  • Executives: Trevor, Zach
The Civil War on Drugs
Part 6
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