Season Season 5
Episode no. 7
Air date 5/27/2011
Network IFC
Live chat log Available


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Going Home Alone
A man sets up booby traps around his house in preparation for a life-changing event.
  • Man: Trevor
Liquor Store Robbery
Homeless Joe tries to rob a wealthy businessman and utterly fails.
  • Homeless Joe: Zach
  • Businessman: Darren
  • Shopper: Trevor
Pledge of Allegiance
Forcing little kids to recite the pledge at school is "not a form of brainwashing".
Dead Teacher
A simple plot to murder the class teacher before a test turns into an all-out schoolyard gunfight.
  • According to a Facebook comment by Trevor, it was cut from the episode at the last minute for offensive content and replaced by an older, incomplete edit of Songs of Olden Times, which had previously appeared in the first episode.
  • A small part of this sketch appears in an advertisement for the final season.
  • It was played to the audience at Trevor's Whatever Show on June 4, 2011, along with two other (unnamed) sketches that were cut from the TV show over the years.
  • A user on YouTube reported the sketch being broadcast on the Argentinian cable television channel I.Sat. The broadcast version can be viewed here (with Spanish subtitles). It is unknown how the sketch came to be broadcast in only Latin America.
Escape Artist
Good Morning Everyone reports on Manny the Magic Man's escape attempt from inside a water tank.
  • Ron: Sam
  • Connie Thompson: Timmy
  • Manny: Zach
  • Shady man: Trevor
  • Spectators: extras
  • Themselves (voices): Sam, Zach, Jim Biederman
  • A part of the sketch was used as an advertisement for the final season.
  • Called the Dead Magician Sketch by Sam. According to him, Darren helped write the sketch and Zach served as director.
The Civil War on Drugs
Part 7

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