[11:50] guest-6068 entered the room
[11:50] guest-6068 changed nickname to kellyn
[11:50] stephocalypse: sup
[11:51] kellyn: ah accidentally refreshed, all good now
[11:51] cybertech44: brb, be back on when it airs
[11:52] emmy: I wish I had the channel it airs on
[11:52] emmy: Did you have to pay for it?
[11:52] stephocalypse: its a pay channel depending on what cable you have
[11:52] stephocalypse: sometimes it gets bundled in w other channels like hbo
[11:53] stephocalypse: /oper kellyn
[11:53] emmy: I have HBO
[11:53] guest-6102 entered the room
[11:53] emmy: but not whatever channel WKUK comes on
[11:53] guest-6102 changed nickname to igotanewdaddy
[11:53] emmy: What channel is it anyways?
[11:53] stephocalypse: gdi kelly tinychat wont let me make you supreme ruler
[11:53] stephocalypse: depends on your cable company
[11:53] kellyn: it's all good
[11:53] emmy: Oh
[11:53] stephocalypse: for me it is 83
[11:53] emmy: I have time warner cable
[11:53] emmy: I meant the name of the channel
[11:53] stephocalypse: HD is 818
[11:53] stephocalypse: IFC
[11:53] kellyn: ifc
[11:54] emmy: Oh
[11:54] emmy: yeah I dont have that
[11:54] emmy: :(
[11:54] igotanewdaddy: hi
[11:55] emmy: Hi
[11:55] igotanewdaddy: wats up?
[11:55] guest-6118 entered the room
[11:55] igotanewdaddy: no, my moms plants
[11:55] guest-6118 changed nickname to chinchilla_love
[11:55] igotanewdaddy: lol
[11:55] stephocalypse: im sick
[11:55] chinchilla_love: hi just got here
[11:56] igotanewdaddy: my hair is so bad
[11:56] igotanewdaddy: so hows everybody?
[11:57] kellyn: good, good
[11:57] emmy: I'm well. How are you?
[11:58] igotanewdaddy: I'm.. OK, been better :)
[11:58] guest-6154 entered the room
[11:59] emmy: Theres one more week of school for me so thats good haha
[11:59] igotanewdaddy: ts cool
[11:59] igotanewdaddy: thats*
[12:00] guest-6176 entered the room
[12:00] guest-6176 changed nickname to nikilove
[12:00] guest-6177 entered the room
[12:00] guest-6177 changed nickname to cybertech44
[12:00] cybertech44: back
[12:00] igotanewdaddy: wb
[12:00] igotanewdaddy: :)
[12:00] stephocalypse: /oper nikilove
[12:01] nikilove: hey steph  :)
[12:01] chinchilla_love: Is anyone else gonna get on their webcam?
[12:02] nikilove: I will in a little bit
[12:02] igotanewdaddy: probably not until trevor gets here lol
[12:02] guest-6066 changed nickname to furganflop
[12:02] guest-6192 entered the room
[12:02] nikilove: I want to make it not-backwards
[12:02] guest-6192 changed nickname to fullmoonhowl
[12:02] nikilove: macs are weird
[12:02] furganflop: hello everyone!
[12:02] igotanewdaddy: sup
[12:02] furganflop: :D
[12:02] nikilove: hello, furgan
[12:02] stephocalypse: /oper furganflop
[12:02] stephocalypse: im trying to add mods but idk
[12:02] furganflop: good evening to you all
[12:03] cybertech44: hey
[12:03] furganflop: wassup niki, cybertech
[12:03] cybertech44: nothing
[12:03] furganflop: lol
[12:03] guest-6199 entered the room
[12:03] nikilove: hey, cybertech
[12:03] nikilove: haha
[12:03] cybertech44: hey
[12:03] guest-6201 entered the room
[12:03] guest-6201 changed nickname to unsolution
[12:04] stephocalypse: sup alls
[12:04] unsolution: mhm
[12:04] igotanewdaddy: bored lol
[12:04] stephocalypse: not a form of brainwashing
[12:05] guest-6213 entered the room
[12:05] guest-6213 changed nickname to karlaconte
[12:05] nikilove: not much, yourself?
[12:05] igotanewdaddy: trevor is a good role model lol
[12:05] guest-6218 entered the room
[12:05] nikilove: *steph
[12:05] stephocalypse: haloo
[12:06] stephocalypse: im on a diet of mucinex and sprite
[12:06] chinchilla_love: WKUK sends out good messages...just in innapropriate ways lol
[12:06] guest-6199 changed nickname to tylerhaddad
[12:06] igotanewdaddy: I'm on a diet of weed and gin
[12:06] nikilove: how're you feeling? hopw you're a bit better
[12:06] stephocalypse: its working its way out
[12:06] stephocalypse: slowly but surely
[12:06] nikilove: colds are the worst
[12:07] stephocalypse: yeah esp when phlegm is involved
[12:07] nikilove: as long as you're getting better, though!
[12:07] chinchilla_love: Anytime I drink sprite when I am not sick it just reminds me of being sick
[12:07] nikilove: aw, that's how it is for me with ginger ale
[12:07] stephocalypse: yeah i hope so, i got the mucinex today so im hoping it blasts out whatever the fuck is
[12:07] stephocalypse: in my lungs rn
[12:08] nikilove: that's heavy :/ hopefully it'll be gone soon
[12:08] stephocalypse: i drink sprite now bc im off caffeine
[12:08] cybertech44: i hope trevor finds out what happened with the 7th episode last week
[12:08] igotanewdaddy: drugs are good for colds
[12:08] chinchilla_love: Oh the only caffine I drink is coffe and tea has a little bit in it :)
[12:08] guest-6250 entered the room
[12:08] chinchilla_love: *Coffee
[12:09] cybertech44: suppose to show 3 new sketches but was replaced by Songs of Olden Times
[12:09] cybertech44: idk why
[12:09] cybertech44: someone i think messed up editing
[12:09] tylerhaddad changed nickname to tjhsuperdog
[12:09] nikilove: bummer, right?
[12:09] guest-6257 entered the room
[12:09] stephocalypse: caffeine fucked up my sleeping
[12:09] nikilove: still a good one, but I was wondering where the new one was
[12:09] guest-6262 entered the room
[12:09] stephocalypse: it was banned for being too offensive
[12:09] guest-6257 changed nickname to andreadrizzy
[12:09] stephocalypse: how that happened is beyond me
[12:09] chinchilla_love: Suprisinglee caffeine doesn't affect my sleeping that bad
[12:09] nikilove: what was the banned sketch called?
[12:09] cybertech44:
[12:10] nikilove: it wouldn't show up on the list on the tv listing
[12:10] cybertech44: shows all the names of the sketches
[12:10] guest-6267 entered the room
[12:10] sharonaismine: hello
[12:10] nikilove: oh, cool! hang on
[12:10] nikilove: hello
[12:10] guest-6267 changed nickname to mariaarellano
[12:11] tjhsuperdog: Hello everyone
[12:11] chinchilla_love: My friend said I sometimes quote their sketches in my sleep, but I do not believer her
[12:12] igotanewdaddy: my friends say I burp in my sleep, I never believe them, I just fart
[12:12] chinchilla_love: Friends lie lol
[12:12] igotanewdaddy: I have friends! lol not a lot
[12:13] stephocalypse: quality not quantity
[12:14] chinchilla_love: Yea just some good friends will get you through life
[12:14] igotanewdaddy: Yea, but it doesn't help when you have two friends, one of them your ex bf and the other 
[12:15] igotanewdaddy: begging to fuck you XD
[12:15] stephocalypse: eeeep
[12:15] furganflop: awkward XD
[12:15] igotanewdaddy: cause, if I had a black baby, I'd call him porch
[12:15] stephocalypse: the native chief saying "sup" is always laffo
[12:16] sharonaismine: that's not awkward at all! That's bad ass
[12:16] guest-6316 entered the room
[12:16] guest-6319 entered the room
[12:16] guest-6328 entered the room
[12:16] guest-6328 changed nickname to holagirl180
[12:16] igotanewdaddy: hola, girl
[12:17] holagirl180: i c what u did thar
[12:17] igotanewdaddy: lol
[12:17] guest-6342 entered the room
[12:17] guest-6346 entered the room
[12:17] guest-6342 changed nickname to holagirl180
[12:17] guest-6346 changed nickname to matthemiami
[12:18] holagirl180: camara has a huge ass crack in it
[12:18] holagirl180: Yay i changed my chat to purple 
[12:18] igotanewdaddy: hahha i have a huge ass crack too
[12:18] matthemiami: u girls r hot
[12:19] holagirl180: it's an inside joke amonst my school, we say that about sidewalks and everything.
[12:19] igotanewdaddy: :)
[12:19] holagirl180: btw loving the username
[12:19] igotanewdaddy: weird face contect
[12:19] igotanewdaddy: lol thanks
[12:20] igotanewdaddy: contest*
[12:20] igotanewdaddy: /sorry am on two chat rooms
[12:20] holagirl180: haha
[12:20] guest-6384 entered the room
[12:20] guest-6386 entered the room
[12:20] nikilove: does anyone with a mac know how to flip the cam? macs are frustrating.
[12:20] guest-6384 changed nickname to inex
[12:21] holagirl180: no clue 
[12:21] nikilove: this laptop is bananas. I miss my pc  :(
[12:22] chinchilla_love: I have one of those itty bitty notebook looking laptops
[12:22] furganflop: netbooks?
[12:22] nikilove: also, who else thought the floral tea cups were gorgeous in the trip scene in CWOD? hahaha
[12:22] chinchilla_love: Yea
[12:22] nikilove: I like those!
[12:22] holagirl180: im excited for wkuk
[12:22] nikilove: those are really compact and easy
[12:23] stephocalypse: gaga realness
[12:23] chinchilla_love: The Civil War on Drugs makes me just wanna get high as shit lol
[12:23] holagirl180: hey stephanie
[12:23] igotanewdaddy: I'm gonna smoke some weed at church
[12:23] stephocalypse: hi
[12:24] igotanewdaddy: hey
[12:24] guest-6447 entered the room
[12:24] holagirl180: thats what church is for
[12:24] guest-6447 changed nickname to annalizf
[12:24] igotanewdaddy: true day
[12:24] igotanewdaddy: dat*
[12:24] guest-6449 entered the room
[12:24] guest-6449 changed nickname to mnoelle
[12:25] guest-6451 entered the room
[12:25] guest-6451 changed nickname to hellorce
[12:25] furganflop: 5 mins to new episode?
[12:25] guest-6459 entered the room
[12:25] guest-6460 entered the room
[12:25] guest-6459 changed nickname to heatherhall
[12:25] tjhsuperdog: yep
[12:25] igotanewdaddy: smokin weed smoken weed, rollin blimps drinkin beers beers beers
[12:25] guest-6460 changed nickname to timmywilliams
[12:25] furganflop: cool beans
[12:25] furganflop: TIMMY!
[12:26] guest-6471 entered the room
[12:26] igotanewdaddy: OMFG TIMMY
[12:26] andreadrizzy: lol, what it do, Timmy?
[12:26] guest-6481 entered the room
[12:26] holagirl180: hey Timmy :D
[12:26] stephocalypse: yo dude
[12:26] guest-6483 entered the room
[12:26] chinchilla_love: I smoke a joint tonight I smoke a joint tonight me and all these dinosaurs!
[12:26] guest-6487 entered the room
[12:26] guest-6481 changed nickname to tara_archer1
[12:26] holagirl180: Timmy turn your cam on
[12:26] guest-6496 entered the room
[12:27] guest-6498 entered the room
[12:27] chinchilla_love: You lookes gangsta just not igotanewdaddy
[12:27] chinchilla_love: looked
[12:27] guest-6496 changed nickname to marymcdermott
[12:27] guest-6500 entered the room
[12:27] guest-6502 entered the room
[12:27] guest-6503 entered the room
[12:27] guest-6503 changed nickname to geneween
[12:27] tara_archer1: Hello
[12:27] guest-6500 changed nickname to thedrcoma
[12:27] guest-6498 changed nickname to itrevormoore
[12:27] tara_archer1: hey Timmy
[12:27] igotanewdaddy: retard fist bump
[12:27] cybertech44: hey timmy
[12:28] tjhsuperdog: hey timmy
[12:28] guest-6511 entered the room
[12:28] furganflop: where is he? ._.
[12:28] stephocalypse: /oper timmywilliams
[12:28] nikilove: woof, that's loud
[12:28] stephocalypse: /oper itrevormoore
[12:28] unsolution: the hell was that
[12:28] chinchilla_love: That scared me to death haha
[12:28] geneween: thats because its actually live
[12:28] nikilove: what'd I miss? I heard loud sounds from the other room, hahaha
[12:28] guest-6511 changed nickname to caropojmaevich
[12:28] stephocalypse: it was nothing
[12:28] holagirl180: I REALLY HOPE THIS WORKS
[12:28] guest-6523 entered the room
[12:28] holagirl180: ugh
[12:28] nikilove: aah, cool, haha
[12:28] timmywilliams: YO
[12:28] mnoelle: hi! :) is it always hard to sign in? :)
[12:28] furganflop: TIMMY!
[12:28] tjhsuperdog: YO
[12:28] guest-6525 entered the room
[12:28] guest-6525 changed nickname to magster1226
[12:28] igotanewdaddy: Hey timmy!
[12:28] chinchilla_love: TIMMY!
[12:28] timmywilliams: how is everyone?
[12:29] kellyn: hi timmy!
[12:29] guest-6526 entered the room
[12:29] igotanewdaddy: good, you?
[12:29] chinchilla_love: Good!
[12:29] stephocalypse: im sick
[12:29] tjhsuperdog: pretty good, yourself?
[12:29] holagirl180: groodd
[12:29] nikilove: good! you?
[12:29] tjhsuperdog: boners indeed
[12:29] guest-6527 entered the room
[12:29] guest-6528 entered the room
[12:29] tara_archer1: new episode!
[12:29] nikilove: geneween, you hurt my ears
[12:29] guest-6530 entered the room
[12:29] guest-6528 changed nickname to claudesokarr
[12:29] unsolution: holy shit timy has a beard!
[12:29] guest-6527 changed nickname to hardboiledegg
[12:29] guest-6533 entered the room
[12:29] guest-6523 changed nickname to metalupyourass
[12:29] magster1226: HI TIMMY!
[12:29] guest-6534 entered the room
[12:29] guest-6535 entered the room
[12:29] igotanewdaddy:  timmy you are awesome
[12:29] guest-6536 entered the room
[12:29] hellorce: there is a 'hide this cam' option
[12:29] guest-6530 changed nickname to zzzzzzz
[12:29] holagirl180: guys just hit mute on geneweens cam
[12:29] timmywilliams: what's up keeds
[12:29] guest-6533 changed nickname to zebswerske
[12:29] timmywilliams: what are we doin this evening
[12:29] guest-6539 entered the room
[12:29] stephocalypse: not much man
[12:29] guest-6535 changed nickname to jdecarlucci
[12:29] metalupyourass: wicked ass beard
[12:29] tara_archer1: goatee
[12:29] cybertech44: hey
[12:29] guest-6536 changed nickname to alisonsampley
[12:29] nikilove: making tea
[12:30] claudesokarr: Meeeeeow
[12:30] magster1226: watchin wkuk, duh
[12:30] timmywilliams: hey i got all this neat stuff i wanna show everybody
[12:30] guest-6534 changed nickname to versailles
[12:30] tjhsuperdog: you're on tv timmy!
[12:30] holagirl180: Neat!
[12:30] stephocalypse: show and tell
[12:30] chinchilla_love: SHOW US!
[12:30] guest-6541 entered the room
[12:30] igotanewdaddy: smokin weed and drinkin apple juice
[12:30] nikilove: played a cthulhu dice game for longer than I ever imagined I would
[12:30] guest-6543 entered the room
[12:30] guest-6544 entered the room
[12:30] guest-6544 changed nickname to fullmoonhowl
[12:30] thedrcoma: Stupid ass ChromeOS wont allow TinyChat access to my WebCam.
[12:30] guest-6543 changed nickname to oddjobnick
[12:30] fullmoonhowl: hi timmy
[12:30] zebswerske: i love your beard
[12:30] guest-6549 entered the room
[12:30] zebswerske: shave it
[12:30] guest-6552 entered the room
[12:30] nikilove: !
[12:30] guest-6553 entered the room
[12:30] guest-6554 entered the room
[12:30] guest-6555 entered the room
[12:30] guest-6556 entered the room
[12:30] guest-6557 entered the room
[12:30] guest-6556 changed nickname to coreydowd
[12:30] guest-6552 changed nickname to kellyaclarkson
[12:30] guest-6553 changed nickname to eleanore
[12:30] nikilove: :O
[12:30] claudesokarr: That is pretty sweet.
[12:30] igotanewdaddy: oh my god it yoda
[12:31] magster1226: i'm diggin the yoda!
[12:31] fullmoonhowl: sweet
[12:31] guest-6560 entered the room
[12:31] unsolution: I'll buy your beard. 
[12:31] hellorce: so you robbed trevor
[12:31] tara_archer1: gay
[12:31] hellorce: oh
[12:31] guest-6557 changed nickname to courtneydenise
[12:31] guest-6560 changed nickname to kinseyefink
[12:31] zebswerske: great
[12:31] nikilove: I'm totally jealous of that painting
[12:31] guest-6562 entered the room
[12:31] stephocalypse: takain credit
[12:31] holagirl180: hey timmy, can you say macaroni?
[12:31] sharonaismine: you're in L.A.? Fffuuuhhh-!!!
[12:31] guest-6564 entered the room
[12:31] guest-6562 changed nickname to realruso
[12:31] guest-6564 changed nickname to sarah
[12:31] guest-6565 entered the room
[12:31] stephocalypse: cool hallway
[12:31] guest-6566 entered the room
[12:31] guest-6566 changed nickname to jakehamilton
[12:31] nikilove: Timmy, was this time machine sketch the one you wrote?
[12:31] guest-6567 entered the room
[12:31] guest-6568 entered the room
[12:31] fullmoonhowl: so did u rob trevors lights so spaceship is even cooler?
[12:31] holagirl180: Hey timmy can you say macaroni
[12:31] thedrcoma: Timmy, does TWKUK turn an appreciable profit?  Or is it just enough to keep shit together?
[12:31] zebswerske: yea
[12:31] guest-6572 entered the room
[12:31] unsolution: i will pay you 40 dollars for your beard. 
[12:31] stephocalypse: yeah it just ended
[12:31] zebswerske: yes
[12:31] guest-6567 changed nickname to samuraiscott7
[12:31] andreadrizzy: Sharona, fffuuuuhhh is my MY word! lol
[12:31] guest-6573 entered the room
[12:31] guest-6568 changed nickname to broookexoxo
[12:31] guest-6565 changed nickname to kylespillane
[12:31] zebswerske: it is
[12:32] guest-6572 changed nickname to keira
[12:32] zebswerske: it is on
[12:32] guest-6576 entered the room
[12:32] zebswerske: your sketch
[12:32] holagirl180: Can you please say macaroni??!?!??
[12:32] guest-6573 changed nickname to zebra
[12:32] guest-6579 entered the room
[12:32] guest-6580 entered the room
[12:32] coreydowd: do the carlton dance.
[12:32] mnoelle: I'm gonna watch the show :) Hi Timmy!
[12:32] zebswerske: say poop
[12:32] kylespillane: you're friends with my cousin
[12:32] holagirl180: meh.
[12:32] guest-6587 entered the room
[12:32] metalupyourass: <3
[12:32] guest-6588 entered the room
[12:32] guest-6589 entered the room
[12:32] igotanewdaddy: oh my god, you're like my fickin hero
[12:32] broookexoxo: HAII:)
[12:32] guest-6591 entered the room
[12:32] guest-6589 changed nickname to inex
[12:32] guest-6588 changed nickname to lawlandmine
[12:32] guest-6593 entered the room
[12:32] fullmoonhowl: hi tim tim
[12:32] zebswerske: say poop please
[12:32] guest-6580 changed nickname to tommy
[12:32] guest-6591 changed nickname to veronicachapman
[12:32] claudesokarr: Timmy, please recommend some candy for me, I am fat and also hungry.
[12:32] guest-6593 changed nickname to valeriesantos
[12:32] coreydowd: I think you are 12.
[12:32] tjhsuperdog: you're too young for the show!!!!
[12:32] holagirl180: TREVORRRR
[12:32] guest-6597 entered the room
[12:32] guest-6598 entered the room
[12:32] stephocalypse: hi
[12:33] zebswerske: hello
[12:33] fullmoonhowl: hey trev
[12:33] kinseyefink: Trevor!!
[12:33] tara_archer1: TREVOR!!!!
[12:33] cybertech44: hey trevor
[12:33] sarah: TIMMY AND TREVOR
[12:33] magster1226: hello trevor!!
[12:33] nikilove: hello, Trevor!
[12:33] guest-6597 changed nickname to chrisjunebug
[12:33] itrevormoore: Hi everyone!!
[12:33] tommy: hey what do you thin of howard stern
[12:33] guest-6600 entered the room
[12:33] cybertech44: you find anything about last weeks episode?
[12:33] metalupyourass: heya trevor
[12:33] zebswerske: say poop dammit
[12:33] andreadrizzy: yo!
[12:33] guest-6600 changed nickname to mikeycervantes
[12:33] tjhsuperdog: FUCK GENEWEEN
[12:33] guest-6604 entered the room
[12:33] keira: hi guys. hi trevor . hi timmy
[12:33] guest-6605 entered the room
[12:33] igotanewdaddy: haha know everyone gets on the cam
[12:33] tjhsuperdog: sorry for the language
[12:33] zebswerske: trevor say poop
[12:33] guest-6604 changed nickname to danishew
[12:33] valeriesantos: hi guys
[12:33] guest-6605 changed nickname to thedrcoma
[12:33] itrevormoore: Poop!
[12:33] caropojmaevich: Trevoooorr!! <3
[12:33] kylespillane: this music is willldd
[12:33] andreadrizzy: the fuck is that shit? Pissin' me off....
[12:33] tjhsuperdog: yeah! poop
[12:33] mikeycervantes: Coreydowd likes men
[12:33] tjhsuperdog: good
[12:33] zebswerske: turn off the damn music
[12:33] magster1226: timmy looks like he's having a hard time keeping up
[12:33] danishew: High as fuck
[12:33] tjhsuperdog: how are you trevor
[12:34] zebswerske: please
[12:34] itrevormoore: Theres only 3 episodes left!!!
[12:34] timmywilliams: i always have a hard time keepig up
[12:34] guest-6587 changed nickname to theadorkable1
[12:34] chrisjunebug: you guys are fucking loud
[12:34] timmywilliams: i am terrible at the internet
[12:34] tara_archer1: timmy and trevor have u guys ever been two places at once
[12:34] tara_archer1: ??
[12:34] holagirl180: Trevor what's going on  with breaking in??? is it cancelled or what?
[12:34] thedrcoma: I came here for quality sketch entertainment, not potty humor!  You sir are a slob. 
[12:34] zebswerske: are you guys going to do a last tour
[12:34] itrevormoore: I still think they';re debating it
[12:34] guest-6616 entered the room
[12:34] guest-6617 entered the room
[12:34] caropojmaevich: Hi Trevor!! :)
[12:34] fullmoonhowl: sah tim our awesome at it
[12:34] fullmoonhowl: nah
[12:34] guest-6617 changed nickname to adamuffins
[12:34] chrisjunebug: what are you eating?
[12:34] kylespillane: yo trevor what are u eating
[12:34] hellorce: i really hope they don't cancel it after all
[12:34] chrisjunebug: trevor
[12:34] broookexoxo: You haven't told me the race yet xD
[12:34] inex: what are you eating?
[12:35] igotanewdaddy: I swear, after wkuk is over.. Probably gonna go back to watching Dora
[12:35] danishew: lmao
[12:35] guest-6623 entered the room
[12:35] timmywilliams: oh i didnt see your offer before
[12:35] kylespillane: ill sell u mine for 40
[12:35] timmywilliams: i will take 40 dollars
[12:35] itrevormoore: Hi inex, hi brooke, hi jake hi samurai hi chris hi corey hi chinchilia hi igotanewdaddy
[12:35] fullmoonhowl: i countteroffer with 50
[12:35] guest-6623 changed nickname to amysullivan
[12:35] claudesokarr: HOLY CRAP ECHO EFFECT
[12:35] holagirl180: I WILL RAISE IT TO 50 DOLLARS 
[12:35] zebswerske: trevor what is your favorite sketch you made
[12:35] timmywilliams: but thisbeard is really just scruff
[12:35] tjhsuperdog: what about me?!
[12:35] danishew: That was a badass echo
[12:35] guest-6626 entered the room
[12:35] adamuffins: heyy :D
[12:35] broookexoxo: Hi trevor! :P
[12:35] itrevormoore: I'm eating pizza!!!!!'
[12:35] guest-6626 changed nickname to lawlandmine
[12:35] guest-6627 entered the room
[12:35] timmywilliams: i like this beard auction
[12:35] guest-6629 entered the room
[12:35] tjhsuperdog: dude, pizza is the shit
[12:35] timmywilliams: PIZZA
[12:35] guest-6631 entered the room
[12:35] guest-6629 changed nickname to billyprothman
[12:35] timmywilliams: trevor i'm hungry and in your house, what should i eat
[12:35] sarah: YESSS PIZZA
[12:35] guest-6632 entered the room
[12:35] guest-6631 changed nickname to marymcdermott
[12:35] magster1226: devour his entire fridge
[12:35] andreadrizzy: lol, I'm eating pizza too
[12:35] kinseyefink: yum~
[12:36] fullmoonhowl: damn
[12:36] timmywilliams: i should
[12:36] guest-6633 entered the room
[12:36] nikilove: om nom nom
[12:36] kellyn: gimme a piece trevor
[12:36] guest-6633 changed nickname to tommy
[12:36] danishew: I just ate Burger King. BK Stacker FTW
[12:36] chrisjunebug: echo
[12:36] thedrcoma: I like how everyone is trying to appear as disengaged as possible in the webcams
[12:36] chrisjunebug: echoecho
[12:36] guest-6637 entered the room
[12:36] chrisjunebug: echo
[12:36] itrevormoore: Its a pappa johns pizza
[12:36] metalupyourass: grab his slice out of his hands
[12:36] timmywilliams: i should just take us all on a tour of trevor's dungeon since he's not here to stop me
[12:36] guest-6641 entered the room
[12:36] stephocalypse: they own
[12:36] holagirl180: My parents work for disney so, ill keep raising my timmy's beard price
[12:36] guest-6642 entered the room
[12:36] guest-6643 entered the room
[12:36] guest-6644 entered the room
[12:36] adamuffins: babies
[12:36] sarah: DO ITTTT
[12:36] guest-6643 changed nickname to jesus
[12:36] guest-6647 entered the room
[12:36] guest-6649 entered the room
[12:36] timmywilliams: i will sell you my beard for a lifetime disney ticket
[12:36] chinchilla_love: Whats in his dungen?
[12:36] guest-6647 changed nickname to zoomlapse
[12:36] inex: trevor you play the guitar for real, right?
[12:36] danishew: ahahaha
[12:36] guest-6649 changed nickname to shelly
[12:36] tjhsuperdog: dude thats a good deal
[12:36] igotanewdaddy: omg jesus is here! time for the rapture!
[12:36] unsolution: 55 DOLLARS FOR THE BEARD
[12:36] guest-6655 entered the room
[12:36] danishew: so much sound
[12:37] itrevormoore: What;s going on in Brookes cam
[12:37] timmywilliams: this aucton s going great
[12:37] zebswerske: do the timmy dance
[12:37] itrevormoore: IS that a cat or something?
[12:37] mikeycervantes: Trevor do you take wkuk seriously on set? lmao
[12:37] karlaconte: I LIVE IS MASS AND I WAS IN A TORNADO
[12:37] coreydowd: one hundred million dollars.
[12:37] nikilove: SO MANY DI, WHAT
[12:37] holagirl180: doesnt exist 
[12:37] itrevormoore: You were in a tornado last week?
[12:37] timmywilliams: oh no tornado!
[12:37] thedrcoma: He obviously takes it seriously, other wise the timing would be shit.
[12:37] guest-6666 entered the room
[12:37] andreadrizzy: how's LA, Timmy?
[12:37] guest-6641 changed nickname to hannahchaos
[12:37] stephocalypse: im sorry
[12:37] timmywilliams: LA is nice and warm
[12:37] tjhsuperdog: tornado!  hope you are ok
[12:37] shelly: Hi guys! 
[12:37] itrevormoore: Timmy is in my house right now
[12:37] timmywilliams: and of course, Portland got ice as soon as i left
[12:37] tjhsuperdog: yo shelly
[12:37] inex: trevor, can you really play the guitar?
[12:37] andreadrizzy: yes... yes it is!
[12:37] zebswerske: timmy please do the timmy dance
[12:37] timmywilliams: i am in trevor's house
[12:37] shelly: i've been having a bad day and almost forgot the show was on!
[12:37] chrisjunebug: Timmy do you play LA NOIRE?
[12:37] mikeycervantes: go slap timmy then.
[12:37] chinchilla_love: Ohio is damp and boring!
[12:37] magster1226: PROVE IT!
[12:37] timmywilliams: i have played la noire a bit
[12:37] guest-6670 entered the room
[12:37] guest-6666 changed nickname to angeladeupree
[12:37] andreadrizzy: LA's cool...
[12:37] itrevormoore: I left my house because Timmy is in it
[12:37] thedrcoma: After all, how many people do you know that can pull off a skit avout drinking a gallon of
[12:37] zebra: Timmmmmmmy ya cute <3 c: 
[12:38] timmywilliams: yeah
[12:38] igotanewdaddy: Hey trevor, my nieces watched the sketch when you stabbed the babies. Now they love you. 
[12:38] hannahchaos: gayblackpiratebaby FTW
[12:38] thedrcoma: liquid pcp
[12:38] andreadrizzy: I guess!!!
[12:38] chrisjunebug: do you like it?
[12:38] furganflop: LA NOIRE!
[12:38] andreadrizzy: lol
[12:38] kylespillane: trevor and timmy do you play xbox
[12:38] itrevormoore: hahahaha
[12:38] karlaconte: i was under the tornado as it was forming.
[12:38] timmywilliams: i farted a LOT and trevor left
[12:38] holagirl180: tIMMY DANCE
[12:38] guest-6673 entered the room
[12:38] guest-6674 entered the room
[12:38] guest-6670 changed nickname to theadorkable1
[12:38] karlaconte: almost took me and my car
[12:38] itrevormoore: I play Xbox too much
[12:38] cybertech44: hey trevor?
[12:38] timmywilliams: i'm hungry but i can't leave to get fod
[12:38] claudesokarr: Trevor and Timmy, you should play on Xbox Live together and record itetter
[12:38] zebswerske: timmy is being boring
[12:38] itrevormoore: Hey matt!
[12:38] kylespillane: dudeee gamertag
[12:38] timmywilliams: haha!
[12:38] furganflop: Trevor, what's your gamertag?
[12:38] holagirl180: trevor what are you eating?
[12:38] inex: trevor, what musci do you like?
[12:38] zebswerske: as usual
[12:38] chrisjunebug: PIZZA
[12:38] tjhsuperdog: order food and have it delivered to ya timmy
[12:38] igotanewdaddy: they're 6 and they said that they wanted you to stab their toy babies
[12:38] itrevormoore: Pizza!~
[12:38] guest-6681 entered the room
[12:38] billyprothman: no
[12:38] tara_archer1: Undies auction next
[12:38] cybertech44: did you find anything on why the 7th episode showed song of olden times
[12:38] timmywilliams: oh yeah, i forgot that can happen
[12:38] cybertech44: instead of the 3 sketches?
[12:38] guest-6686 entered the room
[12:38] zebswerske: do the fucking timmy dance please
[12:38] holagirl180: im not good at paying attention 
[12:39] shelly: damn i missed the first skit!
[12:39] guest-6686 changed nickname to agz078
[12:39] timmywilliams: sorry zeb
[12:39] itrevormoore: We had to cut a skethc last minute because it was offensive
[12:39] coreydowd: the game.
[12:39] cybertech44: loh
[12:39] tjhsuperdog: don't do it timmy, stand your ground!
[12:39] cybertech44: oh*
[12:39] cybertech44: all 3?
[12:39] itrevormoore: So they needed a replacement sketcha nd that was the right aount of time
[12:39] timmywilliams: which one was it trevor
[12:39] furganflop: will we ever get to see Dead Teacher online?
[12:39] cybertech44: or you had to shorten the episode to 22 min?
[12:39] unsolution: DAMN!
[12:39] thedrcoma: Rofl, offensive in the context of the show
[12:39] kinseyefink: offensive is funny thoo!
[12:39] tara_archer1: ate pizza earlier
[12:39] thedrcoma: Must have been awesome
[12:39] holagirl180: Timmy, wana play magic???
[12:39] cybertech44: oh ok
[12:39] chrisjunebug: cybertech! you're really cool cause you upload all the skits to youtube thanks bro!
[12:39] agz078: Hello everybody!!!
[12:39] timmywilliams: hola girl we will play magic
[12:39] shelly: who WASNT in one last week LOL
[12:39] timmywilliams: hello agz
[12:39] coreydowd: Why did IFC change the way things were done? Like saying fuck.
[12:39] itrevormoore: I'm showing it and 2 other banned sketches tomorrow night at my show in LA
[12:39] timmywilliams: i have a black discard deck
[12:39] cybertech44: you're*
[12:39] hellorce: by the way i think there was 'songs of olden times' for the second time in last week's epi
[12:39] guest-6696 entered the room
[12:39] guest-6698 entered the room
[12:39] guest-6698 changed nickname to andrewvernon
[12:39] chrisjunebug: you guys can't say fuck anymore?
[12:39] hannahchaos: I'll give you 55.01!!
[12:39] guest-6696 changed nickname to kristen
[12:39] timmywilliams: FUCK
[12:39] andrewvernon changed nickname to meganmcfadden
[12:39] kinseyefink: To bad i dont live anyhere near LA :((
[12:39] guest-6701 entered the room
[12:39] chrisjunebug: no on IFC
[12:40] cybertech44: wish i could be there to see those 3 sketches
[12:40] timmywilliams: we can still say fuck
[12:40] tjhsuperdog: will you bring your show to Philly or anywhere else?  the live show I mean?
[12:40] timmywilliams: just not on TV
[12:40] guest-6655 changed nickname to pi
[12:40] andreadrizzy: lol, he said "fuck"
[12:40] itrevormoore: They're all really violent and dirty
[12:40] sarah: FUCK =
[12:40] chrisjunebug: who said they can't say fuck on IFC?
[12:40] guest-6674 changed nickname to erinmarieomg
[12:40] coreydowd: ...touche.
[12:40] mikeycervantes: trevor do you listen to dubstep?
[12:40] claudesokarr: Trevor, you should leak those sketches
[12:40] furganflop: FUCK FUCK FUCK
[12:40] holagirl180: it's ifc....
[12:40] guest-6706 entered the room
[12:40] mikeycervantes: coreydowd likes penis.
[12:40] caropojmaevich: do it timmy!!
[12:40] zoomlapse: dubstep is so awful.
[12:40] guest-6706 changed nickname to geneween
[12:40] itrevormoore: Yeahs ometimes!
[12:40] timmywilliams: hi andrewvernon
[12:40] chrisjunebug: Trevor is your mic on?
[12:40] guest-6709 entered the room
[12:40] guest-6710 entered the room
[12:40] inex: trevor, what music do you like?
[12:40] mikeycervantes:
[12:40] thedrcoma: Fuck IFC - this show would do fine as a standalone webshow
[12:40] guest-6711 entered the room
[12:40] furganflop: couldn't agree more zoomlapse
[12:40] guest-6709 changed nickname to kylespillane
[12:40] oddjobnick: penis
[12:40] mikeycervantes: I had sex to that
[12:40] guest-6712 entered the room
[12:40] guest-6711 changed nickname to adreamer29
[12:40] meganmcfadden: Hi Timmy! It's Megan, I accidently logged in as Andrew
[12:40] chrisjunebug: no
[12:40] zebswerske: timmy do a sexy wink please
[12:40] guest-6712 changed nickname to brecrosby
[12:40] timmywilliams: hi megan
[12:40] tjhsuperdog: I was just listening to dubstep earlier
[12:40] shelly: yo superdog!
[12:40] holagirl180: timmy, i cant find them, i only have my yu-gi-oh cards :|
[12:40] timmywilliams: how was sasquatch?
[12:40] broookexoxo: BACK ON! :D Time to look like i'm not paying attention to this again
[12:40] thedrcoma: Dr Horribl;e did it, and you're way more intuitive when it comes to comedy
[12:40] timmywilliams: shit?  yu gi oh?
[12:40] metalupyourass: wompwompwompwompwomp 
[12:40] chrisjunebug: really rad
[12:41] guest-6718 entered the room
[12:41] timmywilliams: i have taken my stance on that
[12:41] itrevormoore: Ii like 90s rap, 80s rap, and 2000's rap
[12:41] shelly: lmao @ darren's shirt1
[12:41] meganmcfadden: It was the most amazing show ever! The Foo Fighters are my new favorite band
[12:41] timmywilliams: haha
[12:41] itrevormoore: What sketch is on?
[12:41] andreadrizzy: rap
[12:41] kylespillane: what channel?
[12:41] inex: do you know calle 13?
[12:41] tjhsuperdog: Foo fighters are awesome!  Did you check out Biffy Clyro?
[12:41] guest-6718 changed nickname to cockslurpie
[12:41] shelly: lmao
[12:41] itrevormoore: I like strip club music basically
[12:41] cybertech44: back from vietnam
[12:41] andreadrizzy: raps' cool
[12:41] zebswerske: timmy say poop
[12:41] guest-6723 entered the room
[12:41] guest-6723 changed nickname to rawr
[12:41] igotanewdaddy: I'm stupid, I never knew missy elliot was from va XD
[12:41] magster1226: trevor, what kind of shampoo do you use? your hair looks incredible in the sketch
[12:41] timmywilliams: i can vouch for trevor liking stri club usic
[12:41] meganmcfadden: I didn't We showed up during Death from Above, only had tickets for Friday
[12:41] timmywilliams: strip club music
[12:41] inex: i can dance stip club music
[12:41] holagirl180: I have a younger brother, of course i play yugioh
[12:41] itrevormoore: Who is listening to dubstep right now?
[12:41] zebswerske: anybody like the Protomen?
[12:41] timmywilliams: haha!
[12:41] timmywilliams: i am tevor
[12:41] unsolution: BEARD FOR CANDY?
[12:41] guest-6734 entered the room
[12:41] itrevormoore: I listen to a lot of witchhouse
[12:41] chrisjunebug: Trevor you look really tired. busy day?
[12:42] timmywilliams: i raided your dubstep record collecton
[12:42] shelly: LOL'
[12:42] tara_archer1: im getting high with dinosaurs right now
[12:42] guest-6739 entered the room
[12:42] stephocalypse: ahahha you do?
[12:42] furganflop: dubstep is like ear rape imho
[12:42] itrevormoore: Yeah, getting the show ready for tomorrow
[12:42] guest-6742 entered the room
[12:42] timmywilliams: and i'm sitting on yor furniture with no underwear or pants
[12:42] jdecarlucci: Are there any vids of the trevor moore show anywhere?
[12:42] guest-6743 entered the room
[12:42] holagirl180: WHO IS THIS AMAZING ASIAN DUDE?!?!
[12:42] mikeycervantes: Trevor do you smoke pot? be honest, no one here cares.
[12:42] andreadrizzy: would it be weird if I sent you a gift through your online baby registry, Timmy?
[12:42] stephocalypse: you like Salem?
[12:42] chrisjunebug: Timmy...whattt???
[12:42] danishew: ahahaha
[12:42] guest-6755 entered the room
[12:42] guest-6755 changed nickname to jakehamilton
[12:42] kristen: lol elvis presley. i feel like im the only one watching the episode...
[12:42] guest-6739 changed nickname to wondermonkey78
[12:42] zoomlapse: Timmy knows how to party.
[12:42] jdecarlucci: Cause i'm pretty interested in seeing "I wonder who died today"
[12:42] itrevormoore: The asian guy was great, right?
[12:42] chinchilla_love: Trevor I would just have a full house scrub down if I were you
[12:42] sarah: trevor... i like your 70s look
[12:42] guest-6765 entered the room
[12:42] guest-6765 changed nickname to kylespillane
[12:42] itrevormoore: I will never return to that house
[12:42] danishew: I wanna know the answer to that too
[12:42] jesus: I'm enjoying these conversations.
[12:42] guest-6769 entered the room
[12:42] itrevormoore: I have moved now
[12:42] guest-6745 changed nickname to clebersquarsoni
[12:42] danishew: me too
[12:42] shelly: this chinese guy seems familiar
[12:43] tjhsuperdog: Timmy you have a new house apparently
[12:43] meganmcfadden: I have to figure out how to log in as myself ...
[12:43] chrisjunebug: what happened to the woman who said "OH HELLLL NO!!"?
[12:43] coreydowd: thats because they all look the sam
[12:43] thedrcoma: Can someone tell me why Darren looks like a woman even when he's not in drag?
[12:43] nikilove: Timmy, my brother was wondering if you'd sign his Memnite MTG card next week in NY
[12:43] zebswerske: timmy raise your hand... it's my fetish
[12:43] timmywilliams: no it would't be weird but please don't feel obligated to do anything
[12:43] hellorce: are you gonna leave it to tommy
[12:43] danishew: ahahahaha
[12:43] guest-6780 entered the room
[12:43] mikeycervantes: COREYDOWD LIKES PENIS.
[12:43] kristen: trevor, your hair looks really good in this sketch. just sayin.
[12:43] thedrcoma: I can't be sure as to wether or not I should be ashamed of this boner.
[12:43] unsolution: Oh that sucks
[12:43] timmywilliams: i will send his memnite, fuck yeah!
[12:43] guest-6780 changed nickname to adamuffins
[12:43] timmywilliams: i love memnite
[12:43] coreydowd: FUCK YOU MIKEY
[12:43] cockslurpie: hey yall. i'm watching real time instead.
[12:43] unsolution: FUCK CENSORSHIP!
[12:43] inex: trevor do you know calle 13?
[12:43] geneween:  fuck the 70s, this is fucking 2011. if you're a hippie get your ass on the west of u.s
[12:43] andreadrizzy: well, I'll do it anyway!
[12:43] itrevormoore: Hahaha they did weird stuff to my hair in this one to make it 70s
[12:43] geneween: east is clean mother fucker
[12:43] nikilove: Hahaha, he says "Tell him I love him and I'll buy him pizza"
[12:43] shelly: whoa 3 questions all at once, GO!
[12:43] karlaconte: trevor it seems like u need glasses ur nose is touching the screen783 changed nickname to 

[12:43] hannahchaos: Timmy do you eat at Voodoo donuts?
[12:43] kristen: lol well it looks good
[12:43] holagirl180: OH TIMMY i found my *old* magic cards
[12:43] danishew: ahahahaha
[12:43] timmywilliams: i do!
[12:43] zebswerske: yea suck that thumb timmy
[12:44] tara_archer1: where r u then trevor?
[12:44] guest-6800 entered the room
[12:44] itrevormoore: Im tired and need glasses :(
[12:44] timmywilliams: just donuts
[12:44] broookexoxo: YOU'VE GOTTA BE GOOD
[12:44] itrevormoore: I'm at a friends house
[12:44] guest-6801 entered the room
[12:44] tommy: is it te new cool think to grow a goatee
[12:44] oddjobnick: how do you guys feel about internet piracy with your content?
[12:44] guest-6802 entered the room
[12:44] guest-6802 changed nickname to caropojmaevich
[12:44] karlaconte: ha ha if i remember u have them already
[12:44] unsolution: ...WILL IT BE ON THE DVDS?
[12:44] inex: you are all watching the show right now
[12:44] guest-6807 entered the room
[12:44] itrevormoore: Im at Promises for nitrous 
[12:44] timmywilliams: trevor is iab for too much birthday
[12:44] danishew: REHAB IS FOR QUITTERS
[12:44] timmywilliams: hahaha
[12:44] claudesokarr: That's actually a really good question, the internet piracy one
[12:44] kristen: hahahhahahha 
[12:44] guest-6801 changed nickname to theadorkable1
[12:44] andreadrizzy: ... what??
[12:44] inex: i'm suffering, I can't see it, I'm in buenos aires!!!!
[12:44] kristen: youre just like steve o
[12:44] unsolution: FUCK!
[12:44] chrisjunebug: how many more episodes guys?
[12:44] shelly: hi agz
[12:44] adamuffins: mehh... no one can see my bitchin hat. :(
[12:44] zoomlapse: 3 more left, right?
[12:44] timmywilliams: i am at trevor's house because he needed ahousesitter while he went to rehab
[12:44] guest-6800 changed nickname to maioboosh
[12:44] stephocalypse: that was some fierce feathered hair
[12:44] chrisjunebug: FUUUUUCKKKK 3 more?
[12:45] itrevormoore: only 2 left after this one!!!!!!! 11111
[12:45] andreadrizzy: ahhahaha
[12:45] chrisjunebug: NOOOO
[12:45] oddjobnick: what happening with Breaking_In? get renewed?!
[12:45] chrisjunebug: FUUUCKK
[12:45] guest-6820 entered the room
[12:45] tara_archer1: the timmy dance is retired
[12:45] hannahchaos: Trevor left haha
[12:45] chrisjunebug: WHYYYY
[12:45] zoomlapse: WOW.
[12:45] karlaconte: sooooo pretty sure no one on here is interested in the ma tornados. totally though u would
[12:45] zoomlapse: It's all really coming to an end.
[12:45] shelly: the banned sketches ..will they ever be on the dvd?
[12:45] itrevormoore: Breaking in is still being debated
[12:45] guest-6820 changed nickname to montaj007
[12:45] danishew: rehab for what? :P
[12:45] kylespillane: get sam in this chat
[12:45] agz078: jajajajja!!! 
[12:45] timmywilliams: i think the most money we spent was on paying sam to show hi balls
[12:45] shelly: lmao
[12:45] shelly: lmao
[12:45] guest-6825 entered the room
[12:45] kinseyefink: :( thats depressing,. i dont want it to end :(
[12:45] erinmarieomg: I feel rediculous for watching a bunch of people watching a tv show.
[12:45] holagirl180: Whats the most expensive sketch you did?
[12:45] itrevormoore: The civil war was the most money we;ve ever spent on a sketch
[12:45] guest-6830 entered the room
[12:45] danishew: just saying
[12:45] nikilove: I like your sideburns in the horse announcer sketch, Trevor
[12:45] guest-6830 changed nickname to cjcraft
[12:45] timmywilliams: i like a lot of our sketches zeb
[12:45] angeladeupree: i know right erin?
[12:45] coreydowd: You should. that;s creepy
[12:45] kylespillane: how much was the civil war one
[12:45] tjhsuperdog: sam should have had to pay you guys to show his balls
[12:45] agz078: too much detail...
[12:45] oddjobnick: lmao how much for sam to show his balls?
[12:45] timmywilliams: submarine sandwich is always good
[12:45] zoomlapse: How much was spent producing the civil war on drugs?
[12:45] kristen: LOLOL nice mutton chops in this sketch trevor
[12:45] erinmarieomg: Sam will probably be on UStream later high again.
[12:45] hannahchaos: Trevor, never be a horserace announcer hahah
[12:45] zebswerske: SORRY?
[12:45] sarah: I LOVE THE SUB SKETCH
[12:46] shelly: OMG I HATE DISH NETWORK!! they just lost the signal and i missed part of that sketch!
[12:46] inex: trevor who's in the portrait at your back?
[12:46] holagirl180: Trevor, cats, or dogs?
[12:46] andreadrizzy: Still can't get over those "indians". *blush* tehehehe
[12:46] itrevormoore: dogs
[12:46] coreydowd: shut up mikey.
[12:46] chrisjunebug: yay
[12:46] kylespillane: im just fucking with you grandma
[12:46] montaj007: here comes the civil war on drugs!!!
[12:46] tjhsuperdog: yeah dogs!
[12:46] oddjobnick: GOD WANTS YOU TO WEAR A HAT
[12:46] timmywilliams: sam and i "directed" the last 2 seconds of this skech for crazy out-of-control reasons
[12:46] tara_archer1: he wont
[12:46] unsolution: MY GRANDMA IS A SOCIALIST
[12:46] guest-6839 entered the room
[12:46] coreydowd: YOU! WHERE'S YOUR HAT
[12:46] danishew: It's 4:20 somewhere
[12:46] chrisjunebug: Timmy what does your shirt say?
[12:46] thedrcoma: Holy fuck this chat room is insanity.  RANDOM QUESTION BARRAGE GO!
[12:46] timmywilliams: my shirt says outh akota
[12:46] itrevormoore: What sketch is on?
[12:46] thedrcoma: Do you like the color blue?
[12:46] mikeycervantes: Corey, I'm going to shove a 1500mg viocodin up your ass. xD
[12:46] danishew: ya now
[12:46] thedrcoma: If so, why?Be specific.
[12:46] guest-6710 changed nickname to justinumm
[12:46] chrisjunebug: hahha
[12:46] coreydowd: how r babby form?
[12:46] magster1226: civil war on drugs
[12:46] guest-6839 changed nickname to kcstrubbe
[12:46] tara_archer1: offensive to who trevor?
[12:46] angeladeupree: civil war
[12:46] zebswerske: TIMMY POOPS ON STRAY BABY DOGS
[12:46] hannahchaos: order pizza?
[12:46] thedrcoma: Use as many adjectives as possible.
[12:46] erinmarieomg: Donno, I watched about 4 hours of Sam answering peoples questions veeeeerrrrrryyy slowly.
[12:46] itrevormoore: Ooh, i really like this weeks CWOD
[12:46] timmywilliams: babby form?
[12:46] magster1226: civil war on drugs
[12:46] guest-6839 changed nickname to kcstrubbe
[12:46] tara_archer1: offensive to who trevor?
[12:46] angeladeupree: civil war
[12:46] zebswerske: TIMMY POOPS ON STRAY BABY DOGS
[12:46] hannahchaos: order pizza?
[12:46] thedrcoma: Use as many adjectives as possible.
[12:46] erinmarieomg: Donno, I watched about 4 hours of Sam answering peoples questions veeeeerrrrrryyy slowly.
[12:46] itrevormoore: Ooh, i really like this weeks CWOD
[12:46] timmywilliams: babby form?
[12:47] kcstrubbe: LIGHTNING LIGHTNING
[12:47] igotanewdaddy: People I look up to :Trevor, Jay (jay and silent bob) and Steve-o im gonna grow up to be a
[12:47] guest-6846 entered the room
[12:47] unsolution: I hear it...but i don't know from it's coming from! ...maybe my tv
[12:47] kcstrubbe: STAPLE GUN AGAIN!
[12:47] oddjobnick: Can we hear you say "Baked Beans" once timmy?! PLEASE!!!!
[12:47] igotanewdaddy: great person
[12:47] guest-6846 changed nickname to chinchilla_love
[12:47] coreydowd: ya u no timmy
[12:47] danishew: lol
[12:47] coreydowd: u form babby
[12:47] coreydowd: how r babby form?
[12:47] claudesokarr: GOODBYE EVERYONE. I have to go do gay poetry stuff
[12:47] andreadrizzy: lol, I forgot what happened in the CWOD. Sorry...
[12:47] timmywilliams: i don't know what a babby is
[12:47] rawr: hahaha
[12:47] coreydowd: babby
[12:47] karlaconte: someone leave so i can video 
[12:47] coreydowd: liddle persin
[12:47] timmywilliams: haha gay poetry stuff!
[12:47] cockslurpie: it was on the news this morning...
[12:47] kcstrubbe: Why does Trevor always look stoned?
[12:47] nikilove: Is the Civil War On Drugs screening next week really 21+?
[12:47] guest-6858 entered the room
[12:47] holagirl180: I cant watch IFC because Atlantic broadband fucking sucks so im watching an older one 
[12:47] zebswerske: timmy say im baked beans
[12:47] holagirl180: mall bitches
[12:47] andreadrizzy: I have a bad memory..
[12:47] timmywilliams: sorry zeb
[12:47] zoomlapse: fornication with pottery!
[12:47] itrevormoore: Is it 21 +?? That blows
[12:47] danishew: because being stoned is awesome
[12:47] adamuffins: wait... are you serious about the rehab? 
[12:47] chinchilla_love: Ahhh My stupid comuter spazed out 
[12:47] shelly: i'm watching it kristen!
[12:47] nikilove: I already bought my tickets and I don't want to not go  :/
[12:47] timmywilliams: whats 21+?
[12:48] jdecarlucci: I wish I was funny enough that I could just smoke weed and write comedy
[12:48] hellorce: age
[12:48] nikilove: The screening next week  :/
[12:48] tommy: wait is the nyc preformance 21 up
[12:48] timmywilliams: our screening?
[12:48] danishew: ahahaha
[12:48] jdecarlucci: and chat with people about how funny i was haha
[12:48] montaj007: if only the civil war really went down this way
[12:48] guest-6858 changed nickname to samtjensen
[12:48] itrevormoore: The screening shouldnt be 21 and up
[12:48] chrisjunebug: screening of???
[12:48] nikilove: Yeah, my brother called yesterday
[12:48] zoomlapse: the screening is 21+?
[12:48] nikilove: That's what they told us
[12:48] kcstrubbe: How many of you are going to Trevor's Whatever Show tomorrow
[12:48] oddjobnick: you guys are modern comic genuises and inspire my life thank you
[12:48] andreadrizzy: you can make an exception for her, can't you?
[12:48] zoomlapse: That's so ridiculous.
[12:48] stephocalypse: considering that the 92y show in 2008 had a mom and a toddler in the crowd
[12:48] cybertech44: hey trevor and timmy, have you guys are The Hangover Part II yet?
[12:48] holagirl180: The civil war on drugs is surprisingly accurate....... kind of.....
[12:48] hannahchaos: What is your favorite sketch?
[12:48] agz078: Is good recognized that!
[12:48] kylespillane: do you guys ever come to long island
[12:48] stephocalypse: id say its flexible
[12:48] nikilove: We're bummed, but we didn't know if that was true or whatever
[12:48] cybertech44: saw*
[12:48] brecrosby: i'm going to the whatever show!
[12:48] erinmarieomg: LOL would you take your kids?  I mean I would but I don't plan on having any...
[12:48] itrevormoore: I can try to sneak people in
[12:48] chinchilla_love: I'm basing all my history classes on the Civil war on Drugs 
[12:48] kcstrubbe: THE MOST LOVLIEST BRIDE
[12:48] erinmarieomg: and that's the reason why
[12:48] coreydowd: Hangover II = <3
[12:48] mikeycervantes: sneak me in
[12:48] kcstrubbe: What are you eating?
[12:48] karlaconte: i got a brad paisley concert...cant make it :(
[12:48] guest-6877 entered the room
[12:48] kinseyefink: shit, i sold like everything for plane tickets..
[12:48] chrisjunebug: PIZZA
[12:48] nikilove: Trevor, if you do that, I'll buy you pizza afterwards
[12:49] unsolution: Would it be weird if i striped down and rubbed butter on my nips?
[12:49] stephocalypse: niki and i are planning a trip
[12:49] agz078: but I think you should eat carrots
[12:49] zoomlapse: Wow, I'm gonna be so disappointed if I can't get in!
[12:49] danishew: ahahaha
[12:49] kristen: HOWS THAT PIZZA TREVOR
[12:49] timmywilliams: we'll sneak you in
[12:49] igotanewdaddy: He always is stoned lol with dinos
[12:49] oddjobnick: and word on a Miss March two?
[12:49] broookexoxo: wkuk is legit my favorite show ever, just thowing that out there
[12:49] itrevormoore: I would try to get whoever in needs to get in, but Im not 100% sure how succesfull Id be
[12:49] shelly: LOL
[12:49] timmywilliams: and i'll sign your brother's magic card
[12:49] tommy: trevor how long did it take to grow your hair 
[12:49] danishew: I like to get high with dinos
[12:49] hannahchaos: whoa. intense 
[12:49] nikilove: Omg, if you do, I owe you BIG
[12:49] holagirl180: Why the fuck are Zack and Darren never here...
[12:49] agz078: some people say that is good for vision
[12:49] timmywilliams: yeah we're not very sneaky
[12:49] guest-6887 entered the room
[12:49] guest-6877 changed nickname to modestowl
[12:49] guest-6887 changed nickname to bumrush
[12:49] kcstrubbe: FUCK YES
[12:49] andreadrizzy: aaawww =)
[12:49] danishew: I rock out to it everytime I smoke
[12:49] timmywilliams: but bring a fake mustache and we'll see what we can do
[12:49] stephocalypse: im 28, ill just say youre with me. its not a lie anyways
[12:49] itrevormoore: I've been growing my hair nonstop since i was a kid
[12:49] mnoelle: Trevor I started watching wkuk thanks to Breaking In, I really hope it gets renewed :)
[12:49] zoomlapse: I will pay for your ninja lessons, seriously.
[12:49] nikilove: Done.
[12:49] itrevormoore: a baby
[12:49] agz078: hi shelly
[12:49] kcstrubbe: someone leave
[12:49] adamuffins: timmeh.. please fix ye rhurr
[12:49] guest-6893 entered the room
[12:49] timmywilliams: my hurr?
[12:49] danishew: ahaha
[12:49] thedrcoma: This chatroom is silly.  It's like trying to get a reach-around at a gang-bang.
[12:50] timmywilliams: what's wrong with my hurr?
[12:50] itrevormoore: Thanks mnoelle!
[12:50] samtjensen: No, your rhurr.
[12:50] andreadrizzy: lol, "my hurr"
[12:50] agz078: jajjajajj!!!!
[12:50] chinchilla_love: How did you guys come up with the ants sketch
[12:50] danishew: I like your hurr Timmy
[12:50] igotanewdaddy: how old do you have to be to go the the live NY shows?
[12:50] thedrcoma: You scream and scream, and when you get the attention you want, it's from the camera guy :
[12:50] chrisjunebug: your hurr is fine Timmy
[12:50] timmywilliams: the ants sketch is a funny story
[12:50] stephocalypse: ahhahah in your base
[12:50] kristen: gurl your hurr lookin fine
[12:50] itrevormoore: I don't remember. The Ants thing might have really happened
[12:50] guest-6893 changed nickname to mariano_vs
[12:50] nikilove: Sketchfest is all ages, igotanewdaddy
[12:50] inex: trevor do you like little britain?
[12:50] furganflop: help! they're taking me to the mall!
[12:50] holagirl180: who was on last week? I was with my uncle...s........
[12:50] andreadrizzy: payote
[12:50] timmywilliams: here's how ants happened?
[12:50] timmywilliams: i was on the phone with my wife
[12:50] modestowl: I hope you dont upset the establishment too much
[12:50] oddjobnick: ya tell how ants happened!
[12:50] andreadrizzy: zeb*
[12:50] karlaconte: ew whos puking
[12:50] timmywilliams: and she suddenly said "oh no, all that black stuff is ants"
[12:50] zebswerske: YES
[12:50] guest-6907 entered the room
[12:50] timmywilliams: and hung up
[12:51] itrevormoore: I hope the establishment gets hit by a car
[12:51] igotanewdaddy: @trevor how old you gotta be to go to the NY shows?
[12:51] guest-6913 entered the room
[12:51] tjhsuperdog: hahaha]
[12:51] guest-6907 changed nickname to jcr1mson
[12:51] timmywilliams: so i pitched a sketch where someone says "oh no ants!"
[12:51] modestowl: hahaha
[12:51] chrisjunebug: Whose idea was Sam in a bag sketch
[12:51] timmywilliams: and then we went from there
[12:51] guest-6916 entered the room
[12:51] agz078: I knew it... Trevor visits the old folks home...
[12:51] stephocalypse: history
[12:51] modestowl: right on itrevormoore
[12:51] shelly: lol only cuz it was so long right?
[12:51] agz078: so he looks like that
[12:51] itrevormoore: Woooo!
[12:51] guest-6913 changed nickname to coreydowd
[12:51] nikilove: Ulysses S. Grant is nuts
[12:51] brecrosby: where did the butter bar come from? who came up with that one? haha
[12:51] nikilove: I love is
[12:51] nikilove: it*
[12:51] itrevormoore: Is ulyssees grant on now?
[12:51] cockslurpie: trevor who are you voting for in '12?
[12:51] guest-6924 entered the room
[12:51] timmywilliams: which CWOD is this?
[12:51] jdecarlucci: yea man
[12:51] kinseyefink: yea
[12:51] itrevormoore: Osama
[12:51] nikilove: Yeah
[12:51] guest-6924 changed nickname to caropojmaevich
[12:51] holagirl180: Does the lady from Season 4 who says "oh hell naw" a lot have a twitter?
[12:51] nikilove: haha
[12:51] oddjobnick: What are you guys doing after Whitest Kids?
[12:51] andreadrizzy: lol, I dunno.It's not on yet
[12:52] itrevormoore: His re-animated corpse
[12:52] danishew: YES
[12:52] coreydowd: you know what i hate? hairy assholes.
[12:52] timmywilliams: oh man that's a great ? hola
[12:52] tara_archer1: so whats ur guys plans after WKUK?
[12:52] guest-6927 entered the room
[12:52] timmywilliams: i wish i knew her twitter
[12:52] montaj007: good i knew you guys didn't sell and you're not down with the new world order yay trevor
[12:52] zebswerske: so whats the deal with airline food
[12:52] zoomlapse: Smoking after this is over.
[12:52] guest-6927 changed nickname to fullmoonhowl
[12:52] karlaconte: i gotta admit i tried the drinking whiskey for a month thing....lasted five hours :(
[12:52] montaj007: yay timmy
[12:52] shelly: lol i love that song
[12:52] itrevormoore: We're working on writing a new movie right now
[12:52] danishew: I'd vote for Trevor for president
[12:52] chinchilla_love: TIMMY can be vice president
[12:52] unsolution: IM IN AMERICA
[12:52] guest-6930 entered the room
[12:52] guest-6930 changed nickname to kcstrubbe
[12:52] thedrcoma: You guys ever get timred of everyone trying to strut their comedic stuff for you?
[12:52] tjhsuperdog: new movie?!
[12:52] erinmarieomg: MO voted a dead guy into office so I don't see a problem with it.
[12:52] kinseyefink: yayy!
[12:52] modestowl: montaj! thats whats on my mind
[12:52] stephocalypse: i really enjoy all the puking in this so far
[12:52] oddjobnick: How much to get Timmy naked?
[12:52] guest-6916 changed nickname to maybepour
[12:52] thedrcoma: It seems like everyone in this chatroom is "on"
[12:52] inex: what's about?
[12:52] shelly: the civil war on drugs is on now
[12:52] igotanewdaddy: donald trump got my vote, even if he's not running lol
[12:52] holagirl180: She was amazing, it's the only season on netflix so i've seen it over 9000 times
[12:52] tommy: perv
[12:52] guest-6933 entered the room
[12:52] guest-6933 changed nickname to sukkit
[12:52] danishew: Why Vice? I'd vote for Timmy for president too :P
[12:52] agz078: Timmy: why always those guys wants to kill you on show?
[12:52] rawr: Will the Civil War on Drugs be released as a full length dvd?
[12:52] broookexoxo: @itrevormoore Followw me on twitterrr? :D
[12:52] zebswerske: i watched you guys since the first season on Fuse
[12:52] guest-6939 entered the room
[12:52] oddjobnick: Will the Civil War on Drugs be released as a full length dvd?
[12:52] coreydowd: You guys should write Scream 5. And have it not be a slasher movie.
[12:52] stephocalypse: same
[12:53] itrevormoore: It's a secret. We can't say what it's about
[12:53] danishew: ahahhaa
[12:53] timmywilliams: it's gonna be just like Civil War only in 3D
[12:53] inex: trevor do you sell the show abroad?
[12:53] guest-6939 changed nickname to becksinclair
[12:53] unsolution: Why wasn't CWOD released in theaters? Was there no studio to bac it?
[12:53] andreadrizzy: aahha
[12:53] timmywilliams: brand new idea
[12:53] stephocalypse: BECK
[12:53] kinseyefink: its a secret, shhhhh
[12:53] kellyn: beck!
[12:53] adamuffins: this is one of the few times that i wish i lived in new york
[12:53] cockslurpie: Is it about poop? I hope it's about poop.
[12:53] chinchilla_love: I don't like secrerts! lol
[12:53] modestowl: run as the whitest kids you know... Pres/vp/sec of stgate/ and treasurt haha
[12:53] hannahchaos: (:
[12:53] rawr: Will the Civil War on Drugs be released as a full length dvd?
[12:53] hannahchaos: ohhh my bad haha
[12:53] chrisjunebug: didn't you guys make a CD once?
[12:53] adamuffins: and im going to base my future history lessons on CWOD :)
[12:53] itrevormoore: People don't want to do period piece comedies, so we snuck it into our show
[12:53] timmywilliams: every single thing we ever do will be at least a little bit about poop.
[12:53] holagirl180: i hope someone gets this otherwise thats just awkward
[12:53] zebswerske: please do the timmy dance
[12:53] itrevormoore: I hope it'll be released as its own DVD
[12:53] coreydowd: Write a movie and call it Avatar 2, but not relate to Avatar.
[12:53] timmywilliams: sorry zeb
[12:53] itrevormoore: or on netflix or something
[12:53] meganmcfadden: Speaking of poop ... Andrew made a new shirt
[12:53] rawr: Timmy, Will the Civil War on Drugs be released as a full length dvd?
[12:53] cybertech44: me and Furganflop are making all 10 parts of CWOD into its full form
[12:53] chinchilla_love: changes
[12:53] oddjobnick: yes. never leave the poop sketches.
[12:54] chinchilla_love: changed
[12:54] kristen: all of your historical sketches are extremely accurate
[12:54] hannahchaos: ohh those are the best!
[12:54] danishew: Where does the inspiration come from your scripts? They're all amazing
[12:54] thedrcoma: When did this "Title a movie this, but make it about that" trend start?
[12:54] timmywilliams: hopefully over the next couple months we'll know more about what we can do with CWOD
[12:54] unsolution: Why wasn't CWOD released in theaters? Was there no studio to bac it?
[12:54] nikilove: there's too much puke in this installment
[12:54] nikilove: oh my goh
[12:54] hannahchaos: my faveeeee
[12:54] montaj007: hey trevor and timmy will they have a weeklong marathon of WKUK before it's over on IFC?
[12:54] furganflop: that's right, cybertech :)
[12:54] timmywilliams: oh this is the puking one
[12:54] hannahchaos: one of them at least(:
[12:54] stephocalypse: isnt that groundhog day
[12:54] rawr: trevor, Will the Civil War on Drugs be released as a full length dvd?
[12:54] zebswerske: how awkward was it to make the Baked Beans sketch?
[12:54] jdecarlucci: haha shit, what an original concept
[12:54] hannahchaos: Big fan, Bigggg Fan (:
[12:54] guest-6968 entered the room
[12:54] keira: i got it hola girl
[12:54] coreydowd: No guys, that's Fever Pitch. With Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon.
[12:54] tommy: does it borther you sometimes
[12:54] timmywilliams: baked beans wasn't awkward, it was very very comfortable
[12:54] itrevormoore: It's going to be called "We're Hungover 3"
[12:55] timmywilliams: probbly the most comfortable I've ever been
[12:55] guest-6974 entered the room
[12:55] jcr1mson: ERINMARIE  IS AWESOME.Just thought you should all know.
[12:55] guest-6968 changed nickname to pinkhairing
[12:55] itrevormoore: DOGGIE!
[12:55] guest-6980 entered the room
[12:55] chrisjunebug: you should skip 3 and go straight to Hungover 4
[12:55] shelly: my favorite song is still The america Song
[12:55] mariano_vs: she should show her tits
[12:55] andreadrizzy: so... those "indians"... where'd you find 'em?
[12:55] danishew: PUPPY IS SO CUTE
[12:55] timmywilliams: haha!
[12:55] holagirl180: I have a poodle
[12:55] andreadrizzy: d'aaawwww
[12:55] timmywilliams: "indians"
[12:55] rawr: Will the Civil War on Drugs be released as a full length dvd?
[12:55] guest-6974 changed nickname to caitspad
[12:55] timmywilliams: i think they're all hispanic
[12:55] andreadrizzy: lol
[12:55] karlaconte: haha the baked beans sketch wicked strange but super funny
[12:55] erinmarieomg: lol
[12:55] modestowl: biggest hyped movie... so it is a little about poop
[12:55] andreadrizzy: hispanic?! Oh, jesus......
[12:55] erinmarieomg: shes clingy
[12:55] chinchilla_love: Baked Beans scares me
[12:55] guest-6990 entered the room
[12:55] zoomlapse: the baked beans sketch was a bit disturbing to be honest.
[12:55] andreadrizzy: I just came....
[12:55] furganflop: 657k views on pledge of allegiance
[12:55] guest-6990 changed nickname to maybepour
[12:55] holagirl180: Does anyone else find it weird that my name is "hola girl" but im all native american?
[12:55] andreadrizzy: lol, JK
[12:55] itrevormoore: IS the episode over now?
[12:55] coreydowd: You guys should write a movie called The Hobbit, and make it not about Hobbits.
[12:55] zebswerske: timmy , you have always been my favorite
[12:55] andreadrizzy: !!!
[12:55] guest-6996 entered the room
[12:56] tommy: i couldnt sit through the baked beans skit 
[12:56] timmywilliams: thanks zeb!
[12:56] guest-6999 entered the room
[12:56] montaj007: no it's still on
[12:56] tommy: it was so wrong
[12:56] itrevormoore: About how all the dinosaurs ate all the hobbits
[12:56] timmywilliams: sorry i can't d the dance for you
[12:56] timmywilliams: i'm chained to this table
[12:56] unsolution: Why wasn't CWOD released in theaters? Was there no studio to bac it?
[12:56] furganflop: Timmy should be the hobbit!
[12:56] zoomlapse: Tommy, embrace your inner baked beans lover.
[12:56] montaj007: madd commercials
[12:56] oddjobnick: DO THE TIMMY DANCE!
[12:56] hannahchaos: I'm buying the 3 seasons this week!(:
[12:56] hellorce: pantless and chained to the table
[12:56] tommy: i cant
[12:56] coreydowd: Make a movie called Toy Story 4, except it;s a porno.
[12:56] zebswerske: he said no
[12:56] danishew: Awww, bust a move from your chair :P
[12:56] hellorce: wow
[12:56] igotanewdaddy: timmy, you could be a pimp
[12:56] jdecarlucci: the hobbits ate dinosaurs I thought
[12:56] guest-7006 entered the room
[12:56] tjhsuperdog: i bought the 3 seasons 2 weeks ago ha
[12:56] guest-7006 changed nickname to samuraiscott7
[12:56] modestowl: haha corey
[12:56] zoomlapse: You must,
[12:56] inex: trevor why do you live chat with your fans?
[12:56] guest-7010 entered the room
[12:56] jcr1mson: ERIN MARIE is frakkin beautiful, and one hell of an actres too!
[12:56] guest-7010 changed nickname to oddjobnick
[12:56] itrevormoore: Season 4 is still not on DVD
[12:56] kristen: timmy, renact baked beans. right here right now
[12:56] itrevormoore: Its on Netflix tho
[12:56] cybertech44: hey trevor, any news from your manager? anything good or bad?
[12:56] chrisjunebug: when will it be on DVD?
[12:56] stephocalypse: i hope season 4 dvd is released sometime this century
[12:56] tjhsuperdog: when will it be released, season 4?
[12:56] jdecarlucci: why aren't the rest of the seasons on netflix?
[12:56] erinmarieomg: haha what? who is that?
[12:56] guest-7015 entered the room
[12:56] furganflop: do you have any idea when it'll be released on DVD?
[12:57] zoomlapse: What seasons are on Netflix right now?
[12:57] guest-7015 changed nickname to nathanjungemann
[12:57] itrevormoore: I don't know - i sort of hope they just put everything up on Netflix
[12:57] rawr: Will the Civil War on Drugs be released as a full length dvd?
[12:57] tommy: season 4 is
[12:57] kristen: only season 4 is on netflix
[12:57] montaj007: thanx to timmy i'll never think of baked beans the same way again
[12:57] coreydowd: Write a movie called The Last Airbender 2, but make it not suck.
[12:57] cockslurpie: whos your guys favorite up and coming comedy troupe?
[12:57] timmywilliams: yeah i hope season 5 goes up there
[12:57] danishew: Netflix. Pirate Bay. Reasons I'm up until 9 in the morning watching random shit
[12:57] guest-6999 changed nickname to launz88
[12:57] timmywilliams: so i can watch it
[12:57] danishew: Not having cable sucks.
[12:57] zoomlapse: A second that danishew.
[12:57] jcr1mson: Im a huge fan
[12:57] karlaconte: y dont u have cable
[12:57] itrevormoore: Yeah, we should all complain that all the seasons arent up on Netflix and the piratebay
[12:57] igotanewdaddy: trevor should be in pirate of the carribean 5
[12:57] timmywilliams: i am too old to know who the good new troupes are
[12:57] itrevormoore: and limewire
[12:57] nathanjungemann: turn down your tv
[12:57] erinmarieomg: jc1 who are you
[12:57] guest-7036 entered the room
[12:57] holagirl180: My mom found the indians in the CWOD offensive
[12:57] zoomlapse: Limewire's down!
[12:57] timmywilliams: we are going to sketchfest soon so maybe we'll see some there!
[12:57] tara_archer1: hilarious
[12:57] zebswerske: timmy , what was the most awkward sketch for you?
[12:57] erinmarieomg: how do you live without cable?
[12:58] itrevormoore: Really? Why were they offensive?
[12:58] furganflop: (shh!)
[12:58] cybertech44: you can get the seasons on pirtatebay
[12:58] jcr1mson: haha my names john, im one of your awesome twitter followers lol
[12:58] modestowl: really guys.... thanks for keeping that shit real.... like Dave Chappelle
[12:58] cybertech44: piratebay*
[12:58] zoomlapse: They got sued for every penny.
[12:58] guest-7036 changed nickname to mollywkuk
[12:58] hellorce: i think all seasons ARE on piratebay after all
[12:58] danishew: Ya know
[12:58] stephocalypse: too
[12:58] danishew: I don't know
[12:58] karlaconte: HI JOHN
[12:58] zoomlapse: THe new thing is frostwire.
[12:58] itrevormoore: all of the seasons are available to stream from lemonp*
[12:58] adamuffins: this is probably the best way i can spend the night of my 18th birthday/graduation. haha
[12:58] coreydowd:
[12:58] danishew: I wen't from having DVR to nothing
[12:58] timmywilliams: hey guys i gotta take a bus somewhere now
[12:58] kristen: frostwire sucks
[12:58] inex: trevor why do you livechat with fans?
[12:58] zoomlapse: sure, lemonp*rty.
[12:58] guest-7052 entered the room
[12:58] zebswerske: trevor
[12:58] cockslurpie: hahahahaha
[12:58] nikilove: ew, trevor
[12:58] tjhsuperdog: don't go to lemonp*rty!!!!!
[12:58] holagirl180: Were native american, so she finds anything offensive... even history books
[12:58] nikilove: haha
[12:58] zebswerske: no
[12:58] adamuffins: well... other than getting totally stoned. lol
[12:58] timmywilliams: i broke ALL of trevor's stuff and i gotta replace it before he gets home
[12:58] zoomlapse: Do it, go to lemonp*rty.
[12:58] samuraiscott7: that wuz a gr8 episode
[12:58] erinmarieomg: lol just don't watch 2 guys one horse
[12:58] stephocalypse:
[12:58] coreydowd: I think has every episode?
[12:58] tommy: inex why not its cool to do it
[12:58] nathanjungemann: FACES O-O
[12:58] zoomlapse: It has to be the most random thing on the internet.
[12:58] erinmarieomg: that guy died
[12:58] mollywkuk: I haven't been here all season. Didn't realize how creepy it is.
[12:58] hellorce: buty he never gets home, remember?
[12:58] unsolution: Why wasn't CWOD released in theaters? Was there no studio to bac it?
[12:58] mikeycervantes: i can suck my own wiener.
[12:58] kristen: www.myl*zysund*
[12:59] zebswerske: nnnnnnnnnnooooo
[12:59] zoomlapse: BYe timmy!
[12:59] karlaconte: BYE
[12:59] nikilove: later, Timmy!
[12:59] andreadrizzy: aw, nuts...
[12:59] itrevormoore: GET OUT OF HERE TIMMY!
[12:59] kinseyefink: byee!!
[12:59] furganflop: bye Timmy!
[12:59] tjhsuperdog: bye
[12:59] igotanewdaddy: bye timmyy!
[12:59] itrevormoore: Good
[12:59] modestowl: timmy!
[12:59] coreydowd: I think has them all too
[12:59] karlaconte: HAHA TREVOR
[12:59] montaj007: why'd you break all of trevor's stuff timmy?
[12:59] keira: bye timmy
[12:59] tjhsuperdog: so how awful is timmy trevor?
[12:59] itrevormoore: Good riddance Timmy
[12:59] furganflop: The Montclaires!
[12:59] zoomlapse: Now the party begins.
[12:59] itrevormoore: THE AWFULEST!!!
[12:59] erinmarieomg: hahaha
[12:59] inex: tommy is so awesome super cool, but I want to know why
[12:59] tjhsuperdog: haha
[12:59] cockslurpie: always hated that guy
[12:59] zoomlapse: Bring out the dancing squids.
[12:59] modestowl: corey haha
[12:59] andreadrizzy: hahhaa, daaamn! "good riddance, timmy" lol!
[12:59] zebswerske: trevor , do you get on /b/
[12:59] pinkhairing: bye 
[12:59] mariano_vs: is timmy going to bathroom to fap ?
[12:59] coreydowd: Tommy Williamson is my least favorite Whitest Kid.
[12:59] cockslurpie: trevor who's the biggest diva?
[12:59] holagirl180: Trevor, were Native American, & she gets offended by everything, even history books so....
[12:59] tommy: zack sould get on this chat
[12:59] adamuffins: or maybe how jesus kills all the dinosaurs so the conservative christians can thrive. 
[12:59] guest-7079 entered the room
[12:59] erinmarieomg: Just don't suck his dick
[12:59] itrevormoore: I am going to burn all my stuff when I get home
[12:59] andreadrizzy: yeah, he's a /b/ro, ain't ya, Trevor?
[12:59] guest-7079 changed nickname to tiggolbitties
[12:59] karlaconte: TREVOR u should do something funny for ya down some vodka :D
[13:00] danishew: damnit
[13:00] kinseyefink: sounds exciting - fire and all
[13:00] unsolution: letimmy
[13:00] itrevormoore: Rules!
[13:00] guest-7086 entered the room
[13:00] guest-7087 entered the room
[13:00] mollywkuk: yeah because that's so interesting
[13:00] danishew: this is so much fun nut I must go
[13:00] kristen: vodka? psht. everclear
[13:00] andreadrizzy: oh, yeah... shit.. sorry...
[13:00] guest-7090 entered the room
[13:00] tara_archer1: its done :(
[13:00] andreadrizzy: sorry!!! my bad!!
[13:00] modestowl: haha
[13:00] guest-7087 changed nickname to jmichaelshearer
[13:00] guest-7087 changed nickname to jmichaelshearer
[13:00] itrevormoore: I cant drink vodka because i have to finish the show for tomorrow
[13:00] erinmarieomg: your nuts must go?
[13:00] chinchilla_love: Get a black light and see if he cam on any of your stuff
[13:00] karlaconte: pure vodka
[13:00] igotanewdaddy: trevor, whats your favorite band?
[13:00] danishew: Trever, you're awesome. just saying
[13:00] hellorce: it sounded like spongebob for a second
[13:00] holagirl180: i have cheese fries
[13:00] kristen: pure everclear
[13:00] andreadrizzy: rules 1 and 2... damn
[13:00] karlaconte: true
[13:00] itrevormoore: You guys are aweosme!
[13:00] coreydowd: HAS ANYONE EVER GONE SO FAR AS TO EVEN???
[13:00] jcr1mson: I really wanna see Zombies and assholes
[13:00] stephocalypse: yoohoo
[13:00] zebswerske: the girl on the top right is hot
[13:00] guest-7052 changed nickname to darkanglon
[13:00] inex: trevor you play the guitar for real, right?
[13:00] stephocalypse: on the rocks
[13:00] andreadrizzy: I know we are!
[13:00] andreadrizzy: lol
[13:00] karlaconte: next week. we'll have a comptition....a drinking game for those who are 21
[13:01] itrevormoore: What was that sound?
[13:01] zoomlapse: What sound?
[13:01] meganmcfadden: Trevor, thanks for hanging out with us in Portland after Bridgetown!
[13:01] chinchilla_love: I hiccuped if that loud scretch
[13:01] guest-7090 changed nickname to pi
[13:01] erinmarieomg: I can LOL
[13:01] pinkhairing: are you guys doing amy more live shows? 
[13:01] itrevormoore: Yeah, my mic is broked though
[13:01] coreydowd: I hate that stupid Candlejack meme. That shit is so st-
[13:01] keira: it sounded like a squeeling dog
[13:01] inex: we are very polite
[13:01] montaj007: trevor i've beeen watching SUPER HIGH ME reminds me of your SUPERSIZE ME w/WHISKEY!!!
[13:01] andreadrizzy: lol, "broked"
[13:01] zebswerske: how do i get on cam?
[13:01] hellorce: could it be the dog
[13:01] unsolution: to get doped uP?
[13:01] adamuffins: 
[13:01] inex: we are silent so that nobody interrupts
[13:01] guest-7124 entered the room
[13:01] broookexoxo: Sooo, just went downstairs, the whole family was watching WKUK.Win XD
[13:01] cockslurpie: whats the most illicit drug youve ever done?
[13:01] itrevormoore: We're doing a show in NYC next Friday, so we might not be able to live chat
[13:01] erinmarieomg: I think we're being too polite
[13:01] kristen: the show is over :(
[13:01] chinchilla_love: Are you talking about the loud scretch
[13:01] itrevormoore: But we'll be back for the last one
[13:01] furganflop: darn
[13:02] unsolution: its ovver
[13:02] chinchilla_love: screech
[13:02] chrisjunebug: live show where???!?!
[13:02] tara_archer1: i kept saying baked beans the other day..and my mom made them for dinner cz she thought i 
[13:02] guest-7139 entered the room
[13:02] guest-7139 changed nickname to jmichaelshearer
[13:02] guest-7140 entered the room
[13:02] unsolution: the show is over now
[13:02] stephocalypse: so sad
[13:02] tara_archer1: wanted them
[13:02] chrisjunebug: oh shit that's June 9th though right?
[13:02] guest-7124 changed nickname to caropojmaevich4100
[13:02] guest-7141 entered the room
[13:02] zoomlapse: Haha, tara.
[13:02] itrevormoore: Yeah!
[13:02] guest-7142 entered the room
[13:02] igotanewdaddy: how old do u have to be to go  to the live shows?
[13:02] erinmarieomg: LOL baked beans.
[13:02] itrevormoore: PROM!!!!!
[13:02] tjhsuperdog: dude, fuck prom
[13:02] guest-7144 entered the room
[13:02] zoomlapse: Yeah, that's on a thursday though.
[13:02] itrevormoore: 2 dogs now!
[13:02] erinmarieomg: DOGGIE!!!!!
[13:02] guest-7140 changed nickname to maybepour
[13:02] mollywkuk: the show on the 9th, will you guys be staying after to chill or anything?
[13:02] stephocalypse: tv will be boring again
[13:02] tjhsuperdog: haha
[13:02] hellorce: that's nice fo your mom
[13:02] mikeycervantes: TREVOR MOTHERFKIN MOORE. Are you a /b/ro?
[13:02] holagirl180: Trevor, can you force zack to go online for the last one????
[13:02] montaj007: SUPER HIGH ME is on G4 right now!!!
[13:02] zebswerske: anybody watching ghost adventurers?
[13:02] itrevormoore: NY for prom?!
[13:02] nikilove: o hai, doggie!
[13:02] tara_archer1: MISS MARCH EPIC
[13:02] guest-7144 changed nickname to angiemarie707
[13:02] itrevormoore: Nice!
[13:02] keira: are all of you going to be here for the last live chat?
[13:02] zoomlapse: Ghost Adventures is the worst show on television.
[13:02] guest-7141 changed nickname to beth
[13:02] furganflop: can you get EVERYONE to get on the last live chat?
[13:02] itrevormoore: It hink so 
[13:02] erinmarieomg: My prom sucked ass lol
[13:02] unsolution: NEW MOVIE?!?
[13:03] karlaconte: whens the last live chat???
[13:03] guest-7161 entered the room
[13:03] tjhsuperdog: yeah my prom sucked too
[13:03] itrevormoore: Prom ios great! They have pizza
[13:03] coreydowd: I hope Devon Trumpeter doesn't come. I hate him.
[13:03] angiemarie707 changed nickname to angiemariefeliz
[13:03] mikeycervantes: Yes or no? Are you a /b/rother?
[13:03] guest-7142 changed nickname to deceptivenomad
[13:03] karlaconte: i hated prom
[13:03] tjhsuperdog: true, the pizza was awesome
[13:03] adamuffins: no. goto lemonp*rty. i get all my free music from there. 
[13:03] andreadrizzy: pizza... at prom?
[13:03] becksinclair: i never went to prom :(
[13:03] tjhsuperdog: going with an ex sucks
[13:03] stephocalypse: devon sawa is p decent
[13:03] tiggolbitties: Please shit on my chest. 
[13:03] karlaconte: because people are lame. 
[13:03] tjhsuperdog: the moonbounce was fun though
[13:03] holagirl180: My prom was underwater themed, so my friends and i came dressed as fishermen
[13:03] unsolution: all of you guys working on the movie?
[13:03] karlaconte: too much drama
[13:03] montaj007: there was a tornado here this week freaky weather freaky as hell!
[13:03] itrevormoore: We're writing a new movie now
[13:03] jcr1mson: My prom was pretty bad
[13:03] mariano_vs: COOOL
[13:03] itrevormoore: Montclaire?
[13:03] zebswerske: trevor , can you hold up a piece of paper up that says "Zeb" i will do anything
[13:03] karlaconte: I WAS IN THE FREAKING TORNADO
[13:03] modestowl: cant wait
[13:03] mariano_vs: MissMarch was EPIC
[13:03] guest-7180 entered the room
[13:03] inex: can you tell us something morea about the movie?
[13:03] unsolution: Why wasn't CWOD released in theaters? Was there no studio to bac it?
[13:03] adamuffins: no trevor.... youre awesome. 
[13:04] guest-7180 changed nickname to angiemarie707
[13:04] guest-7186 entered the room
[13:04] guest-7188 entered the room
[13:04] nikilove: nice shirt, Trevor!
[13:04] holagirl180: trevor have you ever considered cutting your hair?
[13:04] zebswerske: thank you
[13:04] caitspad: Did they pick up Breaking In for season 2?
[13:04] coreydowd: If you write "Mikey Cervantes is a cunt" I will blow you.
[13:04] guest-7188 changed nickname to spicermcspicer
[13:04] tommy: trevor mac or pc
[13:04] tara_archer1: i am lost
[13:04] guest-7195 entered the room
[13:04] andreadrizzy: what shirt does he have? I missed it...
[13:04] guest-7197 entered the room
[13:04] maybepour: so what is sam brown vaporizer to busy to ustream, after his roboco0p debacle
[13:04] guest-7195 changed nickname to bandit
[13:04] guest-7199 entered the room
[13:04] andreadrizzy: d'aawww
[13:04] karlaconte: zeb
[13:04] guest-7197 changed nickname to dandy
[13:04] kinseyefink: LOL face!
[13:04] unsolution: Particuarly the abe lincoln ones
[13:04] guest-7199 changed nickname to tylersrevenge
[13:04] jdecarlucci: trevor, can I get a copy of your parents band's cd?
[13:04] bandit: .............
[13:04] cockslurpie: Someone asked you to shit on his chest. Do that one next!
[13:04] angiemarie707: I missed tonight's episode :(
[13:04] zoomlapse: Hahaha.
[13:04] tommy: mac or pc trevor
[13:04] adamuffins: just put the cam on and have us watch it from back stage again!
[13:04] nikilove: awesomeface
[13:04] itrevormoore: PC
[13:04] unsolution: i like that idea
[13:04] andreadrizzy: oohh!! Awesomeface.. that's cool!
[13:04] tiggolbitties: Yeah. Shit on my chest.
[13:04] agz078: America needs guys like you for goverment
[13:04] tommy: thank god
[13:05] pi: I like your shirt !
[13:05] inex: trevor who makes the music for the civil war?
[13:05] unsolution: RAWR, HE SAID HOPEFULLY
[13:05] itrevormoore: thanks pl
[13:05] holagirl180: Trevor, have you ever considered cutting your hair off?
[13:05] karlaconte: trevor tomorrow is sat are u super happy???
[13:05] karlaconte: ha
[13:05] mollywkuk: How can you guys stand to do this chat? You guys are so awesome. I already have a headache
[13:05] mikeycervantes: Trevor, I will have sex with you, if you answer this, are you a /b/ro?
[13:05] tara_archer1: MISS MARCH 2?
[13:05] erinmarieomg: SATURDAY
[13:05] tiggolbitties: No seriously. Shit on my chest.
[13:05] montaj007: trevor are you gonna see Xmen: First Class or did you already see it
[13:05] erinmarieomg: I post that video every saturday
[13:05] andreadrizzy: rules 1 ans 2, mikey!
[13:05] igotanewdaddy: haha 
[13:05] mariano_vs: i dont care, its saturdayª!
[13:05] andreadrizzy: and*
[13:05] itrevormoore: Got it?
[13:05] andreadrizzy: sheesh!!
[13:05] cybertech44: have you saw The Hangover Part II yet trevor?
[13:05] karlaconte: this chat is insane i feel like im to old to catch up
[13:06] erinmarieomg: I make cupcakes on saturdays
[13:06] furganflop: IT'S SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[13:06] zebswerske: it worked
[13:06] adamuffins: what about one that says ada? it is my 18th birthday and all. lol
[13:06] holagirl180: GOD WANTS YOU TO WEAR A HAT
[13:06] erinmarieomg: and I shoot them
[13:06] itrevormoore:  Well I gotta run now guys! I'll be back tonight for west coast though!
[13:06] karlaconte: i have its funny
[13:06] pi: hahaha
[13:06] zebswerske: i love you
[13:06] itrevormoore: BYE!!!!!
[13:06] tjhsuperdog: seeya!!!
[13:06] cockslurpie: Bye!
[13:06] zoomlapse: Bye!
[13:06] unsolution: The episode isove
[13:06] andreadrizzy: see ya!
[13:06] furganflop: bye bye!
[13:06] magster1226: peace trevor
[13:06] tjhsuperdog: thanks!
[13:06] cybertech44: alright man, see you later
[13:06] stephocalypse: ciao
[13:06] montaj007: bye trevor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[13:06] mariano_vs: Hey Trevor, could you PLEASE write in a paper "Go Velez Sarsfield" and show it? PLEEEEASE?
[13:06] kinseyefink: BYE!!!! love u!!
[13:06] caitspad: BYE
[13:06] itrevormoore: BYE EVERYONE! Thanks for watching and chatting!!
[13:06] holagirl180: BYEEEEEEE'
[13:06] igotanewdaddy: :)
[13:06] guest-7231 entered the room
[13:06] coreydowd: anus bleach
[13:06] unsolution: its over on teh east coast
[13:06] pi: bye!!!!
[13:06] guest-7231 changed nickname to maybepour
[13:06] keira: bye!!!
[13:06] andreadrizzy: see ya!! later!!
[13:06] karlaconte: bye
[13:06] furganflop: thanks for chatting!