Season Season 5
Episode no. 9
Air date 6/10/2011
Network IFC


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Worst Orchestra
Do you know what the worst orchestra is?
  • First orchestra: WKUK, extras
  • Announcer: Trevor
  • The logo used for the New York Philharmonic is not the orchestra's actual logo.
Come Down Here
Jason alerts his mom that there's cum all over the attic, and misunderstands her when she tells him to come down (get it?).
  • Jason: Trevor
  • Mom: Darren
A patient needing a blood transfusion can't find any normal doctors in town to do it with.
  • Patient: Trevor
  • Doctor: Darren
  • Doctor #2: Zach
  • Assistant: Sam
  • Chef Boya--: Timmy
Homeless Show
A television show offers tips on survival for the homeless.
  • Host: Trevor
  • Waiter: unknown
  • Executives: Zach, Darren, Sam, Timmy
  • Like in the Season 3 sketch Grapist, Trevor's character is the creator of a doubtful TV show while Zach is a disapproving network executive.
Joe Has Syphilis
Joe's been diagnosed with syphilis and needs to inform his girlfriend(s).
Cactus Wasp
A couple with strange jobs are debating over whether to abort their baby.
  • Harold: Zach
  • Clown wife: Darren
  • Announcer: Trevor
Inappropriate Dinner Conversation
Two men at dinner have an inappropriate conversation.
The Civil War on Drugs
Part 9
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