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Season Season 4
Episode no. 1
Air date 6/11/2010
Network IFC


Episode guideEdit

Picture Title/Description/Cast Trivia
Grandma's Cookies
Blackout: A scary ad for Hazy Memories Nursing Home.
  • Grandsons: Darren, Timmy
  • Grandma: unknown
  • Announcer: Timmy
  • The nursing home's phone number is 180055544299 (18005554HAZY).
Alien Autopsy
An alien turns out to be a piñata filled with Reese's Pieces.
  • Dr. Pepper: Trevor
  • Dr. Pibb: Darren
  • General Mills: Sam
  • Mariachi: Edward Furs
  • References "E.T.", albeit very loosely.
Everyone thinks there's a bear in the ocean -- but it's a shark. Sailor Flynn gives a long speech about sharks as the camera slowly zooms in on a girl's crotch.
  • Community leader: Sam
  • Townspeople: Zach, Darren, Timmy, extras
  • Flynn: Trevor
Love at First Sight
Stan falls for two girls at a party, but can't get them to kiss each other.
  • Zach: Zach
  • Stan: Sam
  • Stacy: Darren
  • Betty: Trevor
  • Party guests: Kristin Williams, extras
  • Kid from Home Improvement: Timmy
Baby Sketch
Mother has trouble delivering a baby.
  • Mother: Darren
  • Orderly: Trevor
  • Husband: Sam
  • Other couple at dinner: Timmy, Zach
Santa Clause
Santa gets stuck in the chimney with his pants down.
  • Santa: Sam
  • Dad: Trevor
  • Mom: Zach
  • Daughter: Darren
  • Son: Timmy
PDVD 147
Sex Robot
A horny, dancing robot is taken to jail, put on trial and sentenced to hanging.
  • The "sex robot" loop seems to have been sung by Zach, and Trevor most likely provided the voice for the robot's actual lines.
My Mouth Stuck Open
A man sees his doctor because his mouth is supposedly stuck open.
  • Patient: Trevor
  • Doctor: Zach
Rip Your Dick Off
At the Homeware store, an employee advises a shopper against putting a vacuum tube where it doesn't belong.
Barf Museum
Two fathers befriend each other at a kids' museum devoted to regurgitation, and decide to ditch their kids and go out drinking. When they come back, their kids learn what real barf looks like.
  • Dad: Zach
  • Dad 2: Trevor
  • Clown: Darren
  • Abe Lincoln: Sam
  • Kids: Severyn Brodziak, Charlton Alonso, extras
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