The Whitest Kids U' Know is a compilation of audio sketches and songs that appear in Season 1 of the TV show. It was released September 5, 2006, 6 months before the show premiered on Fuse.


1. WelcomeEdit

Timmy, the voice of the Whitest Kids CD, befriends the listener, and tricks him/her into doing sick things.

2. Triumph of the Ill/Hitler Rap*Edit

3. Russian RouletteEdit

At a sleepover at Trevor's, the WKUK play a game of Russian Roulette. The sketch ends with an anti-pot PSA.

4. Special Ops WhisperingEdit

Team Alpha and Team Echo are briefly distracted by each others' gear (no, not that gear).

5. Get a New Daddy*Edit

6. Beautiful PenisEdit

Zach shows his friends all the neat things his awesome penis can do. The sketch ends with another anti-pot PSA.

7. Let's Wake Up the Neighbors*Edit

8. Sam's MessageEdit

Sam reassures the listener that not everything on this album has to be followed, including the anti-pot PSAs.

9. Bus DriverEdit

Patrick, the world's most annoying bus rider, repeatedly stops the bus to pick up things he left on the seat.

10. B CupEdit

The sounds of a microphone rubbing against different size breasts (and being threaded through a dog's digestive system) are recorded.

11. We Gon' Make Love*Edit

12. GoodnightEdit

The WKUK say good night to each other ... and a dinosaur.

* songs - do not appear in skits-only digital download