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This article is about the character. For the sketch, see Weird.

Weird the Stripper is a character played by Darren Trumeter that appears in the Season 2 sketch Weird. She is a stripper who offers a very wide range of services for strange prices.

Price ListEdit

Price What it gets
$0.75 Weird eats the money.
$1 Weird takes her top off.
$2 Weird turns around, bends over and points her butt at you.

Weird goes to the store with you.

$4.37 Weird paints a picture of a dolphin for you.
$4.38 Weird gives you a blowjob.
$5 Weird points her butt at you and slaps it with her hand.

Weird drinks a pail of milk with her butt.

$10 Weird plays with her boobs, licks them, and spits on her coot (vagina).
$20 Weird sits on your lap, jiggles up and down and tries to rub her butt on your penis.
$75 Weird eats a fish. Every part of the fish!
$100 Weird takes you into the back room, slips into some sexy lingerie, and staples her hands together with a staple gun.
$304 Weird writes you a speech on any topic you want.
$1000000 Hamburgers!

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